Citizens for an Informed Yorktown


Town Board

June 3, 2014


Absent: Councilman Bianco. (Councilman Murphy missed the first part of the meeting.)


1. Courtesy of the Floor

Noise: Mr. & Mrs. McCormack asked the board what could be done about excessive noise on weekends from lawn equipment, leaf blowers, and construction work. In response, Supervisor Grace said the town had a noise ordinance that restricted excessive noise.


Fluoridation: Dr. Carl Tegtemeier asked about the delay in signing the IMA (Intermunicipal Agreement) with the Joint Water Works to proceed with the installation of the fluoride equipment at the Catskill plant. In response, Supervisor Grace explained that part of the delay was the draft provision requiring the town to prepay for the project but that the law prohibits towns from prepaying for a service or product.  He said that although he didn’t have the “wisdom” to decide whether fluoridation was right or wrong, he was  still working on getting the issue settled and that Yorktown was getting cooperation from the other members of the Joint Water Works.  In a related issue, when Dr. Tegtemeirer asked what the $51,500 budget transfer for fluoridation equipment was for, Supervisor Grace said he did not know.


Sultana pool. Susan Siegel, the person writing this summary, asked several questions relating to the possibility that the pool may be sold or donated to an unnamed organization.  In response, Supervisor Grace explained the origins of the problem, i.e., that the 65 homeowners who have rights to the pool have no obligation to pay to support the pool. He disputed Ms. Siegel’s statement that the pool association owed $78,000 in back taxes, explaining that 48% of that amount was interest and penalties. He also said that while there was a possibility that the pool association would turn the deed over to the town, who in turn, would turn it over to an organization and reduce the assessed value to zero,  it appeared that that plan might not be moving forward, although he was still working on it. He said that if there was a change in ownership, the 65 homeowners would continue to have rights to use the pool. Ms. Siegel asked that the affected homeowners be kept informed about the progress of any change in ownership.


2. Lexington Avenue culvert repair

The board authorized spending  $19,800 for design and engineering services for the repair of the culvert that was damaged during a hurricane several years ago. Town Engineer Robinson explained that although the initial plan was to replace the culvert and widen the road (just north of Route 202) at an estimated cost of $450,000, because the situation has deteriorated in recent weeks, she and Highway Superintendent Paganelli are now proposing to reline the existing culvert and eliminate the road widening part of the project at an estimated cost of $150,000.  She said both approaches would insure the same life span for the culvert. The first step in the relining project will be to send TV cameras through the culvert to see if it is structurally sound and can be relined.


3. Sylvan Glen/Granite Knolls parkland alienation

The board approved two home rule messages requesting the alienation, each one specifically mentioning the Senate and Assembly bills that have already been introduced, 89673A (Assembly) and S7484A (Senate).


4. Cording Road easement on town-owned land

(See October 8, 2013 and 11/29/2013) Although a resolution authorizing the supervisor to sign an easement agreement was on the agenda, Town Attorney Koster said that she hadn’t seen a map for the proposed easement and asked that the board delay taking action. The board agreed to finalize the issue at next week’s board meeting but not before Supervisor Grace suggested that the paving specs, as written, appeared to be too stringent for a driveway to a single house and suggested it be reworked to specify 4’ of  item 4 and then 2” of asphalt. He also offered some advice to the homeowner seeking the easement that was not audible to the public.


5. Town Board meeting schedule

Supervisor Grace reminded the public that the June 17 meeting has been canceled and the July 1 meeting will be held at Teatown Lake Reservation and August 5 meeting at Patriot Park (behind the skate board park.) The summer meetings begin at 6pm.


6. Proposed law on keeping fowl in residential districts.

The board set July 1 for the public hearing.


7. In-rem parcels

The town removed the liens and canceled unpaid taxes for four parcels, two of which were owned by New York State, one which was for road purposes, and a 13 acre parcel in the Osceola Industrial Park off Route 6.


8. Water department budget transfers

The board tabled three budget transfer resolutions totaling  $128,400 from the “water meter project line” after Councilman Patel raised questions about why the funds were being taken from that line. (Note: it was not clear if the board authorized the supervisor to sign an agreement for engineering services for the cement lining project  with the funds coming from one of the tabled budget transfer resolutions.)


8. Selected resolutions, passed unanimously

Litigation expenses. Approved a budget transfer adding $20,000 to cover outside counsel fees for litigation. The town attorney explained that the costs were related to the Swart K-9 lawsuit.

YCCC. Approved a 3-month lease for Yorktown Stage to use Room 12, at a cost of $4,538.  Supervisor Grace indicated that Yorktown Stage may be asking to lease the room for the remainder of the year.

Police reports. Authorized the supervisor to sign an agreement with Police Reports US that gives the public online access to police accident reports for a $7 fee, $2 of which goes to the town.



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