Citizens for an Informed Yorktown



Town Board Special Meeting



Without any discussion the Board unanimously approved the following resolutions

1. A $6,800 budget transfer for the Highway Department from within the departmentís budget.

2.   Permitting four Parks Department employees to attend a pool and spa show in Atlantic City at a cost of approximately $500.

3. Appointment of Patricia DeMarsh as a senior clerk at an annual salary of $53,566.



2014 Insurance  Policies

The Board unanimously approved a contract with CNA to provide insurance coverage for 2014 at a total cost of $712,345.


Prior to the vote, Councilman Patel raised questions about exactly what was being covered in the policies as he had only been given a single page summary of the quotes from CNA and Travaelers  for 15 different policies. The Travelers quote totaled $771,504. He wanted to know if the town was buying the same coverage or less. Supervisor Grace and Comptroller Caporale assured him that the CNA policy was exactly the same coverage as Travelers provided in 2013 except that a deductible went down; they didnít specify which policy the reduced deductible was for. The supervisor said the total premiums went down because the townís claims had gone down over the past two years and that the town had taken other steps to reduce its premiums, including replacing older trucks with newer ones in the Highway Department.  In response to Mr. Patelís question as to why the Board hadnít been given information about the insurance policies earlier, the supervisor said that he had been working on the 2014 policies for the past six months but that he had to wait until the quotes came in. 


When Mr. Patel questioned what properties were included in the 2014 coverage, the supervisor said it was based on a complete inventory of the townís physical plant and Councilman Murphy said that Holland Sporting Club was included in the policy and that because the property had been cleaned up, the premium was lower.


Other resolutions

The Board did not take action on a resolution requesting an additional $4,300 for the relocation of a radiator as part of the renovation of the childrenís room at the library.


Highway Garage Phase II

The supervisor advised the Board that the Phase II report for the garage site had come in clean and that an open spill on the site would be closed. (Note:  According to the town engineer, the report was not available to the public as it was still in draft stage.)