Citizens for an Informed Yorktown



Town Board Meeting

December 15, 2015


1. Hilltop Service Station

During Courtesy of the Floor, Chris Sciarra, representing the property owner, advised the board that he was “moving ahead” with plans to address the parcel’s site plan violations, adding that he hoped to be on the agenda for the board’s next work session. In addition to apologizing for his client’s actions, he said the owner preferred not to erect a new 8’ fence.


Calling the situation “dynamic,” Supervisor Grace said the board wanted to be receptive to the business community. When I reminded Mr. Sciarra that the existing zoning for the site specifically precluded the sale of used cars, Supervisor Grace said the difference between storing wrecked cars (the previous owner had a towing business) and selling used cars was nuanced. And, although he said the town was sensitive to maintaining the greenway along Route 6, he didn’t think motorists driving along Route 6 at 30 miles an hour would see many cars. 


2. Ianuzzi subdivision, Baptist Church Road/public hearing

The board opened and closed the hearing on the use of flexibility standards with the only speaker being the applicant. The board voted unanimously to approve the use of flexibility.


3. YCCC rents

The board approved 2016 leases for the building’s regular tenants. The leases are subject to a permissive referendum.  (Note: although not mentioned in the resolutions, the rental rate was increased by 1.5% for many tenants, although the increase was waived for the Head Start program. Several community groups, such as the Teen Center, do not pay rent, and the Yorktown Stage has a separate multi year lease.)


4. Recycling program/New fees

The board approved a fee of $50 for the cost of scheduling a ‘special” bulk pickup and instituted a new $5 per tire fee for recycling car tires without rims. Tires will no longer be picked up at curbside and will have to be brought to the Recycling Department on scheduled recovery days that will be announced.


5. Stormwater Retrofit Program

As part of its participation in the East of Hudson Watershed Corporation, a consortium of northern Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess county towns, the board adopted an Operation and Maintenance Policy for stormwater retrofits constructed as part of the group’s efforts.  Under the terms of the policy, Supervisor Grace advised the board that Yorktown share of the group’s 2016 O&M costs will be $19,000. In response to my question about whether the amount was included in the 2016 budget, the supervisor said it wasn’t. The town is also responsible for maintaining other stormwater projects, such as detention ponds, built many years ago as part of subdivisions. More recently approved private sector projects are required to perform annual maintenance on their stormwater infrastructure and submit reports to the town.


6. Water District finances

The board approved a transfer of $450,000 from an unused capital projects budget line to cover the deficit in the budget line item for the purchase of water from the Northern Westchester Joint Water Works. Supervisor Grace indicated that water rates may need to be raised next year.