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Note: As of January 5, 2016, the CIY Town Board meeting summaries will continue being being written by Susan Siegel, but in her capacity as an observer.


Town Board

January 5, 2016


This was the town’s biennial organizational meeting during which many routine resolutions, such as designating the town’s depositories and official newspapers and adopting the meeting calendar for 2016. The following  additional issues were voted on and/or discussed.


1. Online tax payments

Tax Receiver Korsak announced that tax payments can now be made by check, online, at no fee. For information, check:


2. Courtesy of the Floor

Councilman Bernard announced that beginning with tonight’s meeting, there will be only one Courtesy of the Floor and it will be at the end of the meeting. Anticipating criticism, he said that the change was not meant to stifle residents from addressing the board and that residents who had questions or concerns  could always  email or phone board members or visit the supervisor’s office.  He said that Courtesy had become a “circus” and Supervisor Grace added that Courtesy had become “playing to the camera.”  Supervisor Grace added that board meetings were for the conduct of town business and that it was unfair for lawyers and other professionals who were being paid up to $400 an hour to have to wait to address the board until after residents had spoken at Courtesy.


Councilman Patel was the only board member who opposed the change saying it would discourage people from addressing the board at Courtesy because they would never know at what time the Courtesy segment of the agenda would begin.


Addressing the board during Courtesy, Jay Kopstein objected to the change and said that emails were not a way to have a public discussion.  In response to Supervisor Grace’s comment about what constituted “town business,” he said that hearing from town residents was the town’s business.


Supervisor Grace indicated that the Courtesy change  was not set in stone and could be changed.


3. Appointments/Resignations


Comptroller: Patrica Caporale   and Tax Receiver: Barbara Korsak

New appointments:  

Police  officer: John E. Doherty

Deputy Supervisor: Councilman Gregory Bernard (a personal appointment of the supervisor’s)

Deputy Town Clerk: Maura Weissleder (this is a personal appointment  of the town clerk’s)


Resignation: Sharon Robinson as Acting Town Engineer.  The board will advertise for a new engineer and Ms. Robinson will stay on for the month of January at a fixed number of hours.


4. Sale of Town property taken in-rem (foreclosure)

The board accepted the November auction bid of $11,000 for three abutting parcels in Mohegan Lake. The parcels, that combined make a half acre building lot with access to Delaware Road, were sold as a unit.


In a related resolution not on the agenda, the board rescinded the 10 day maximum provision in a September 15, 2015 resolution that authorized paying Robert Killeen $350/day to handle the auction. (Note: There was no written version of the resolution and when asked the supervisorsaid he did not know how much Mr. Killeen would ultimately  be paid.)


5. Water rates

After approving  2015 budget transfers totaling $150,000 to cover the higher than budgeted cost of purchasing water, Supervisor Grace announced that the town would be increasing water rates sometime in 2016.  

 (Note: This was the second budget transfer to cover a shortage in the water purchase budget line item; the board okayed a $450,000 transfer to the budget line item on December 15, 2015.)


6. Set public hearings

January 19

Request to build a new convenience store at the Mobil Gas Station on Saw Mill River Road.

Wetlands permit for Shrub oak Community Assocation to add a herbicide to the Mountain Brook Pond


February 2

Request to rezone a Lexington Avenue  parcel from half acre to multi family  zoning

Northern Westchester Restorative Therapy & Nursing home request to add additional parking spaces


7. Town 2016 meeting calendar

In addition to the four meetings per month  on the first thru fourth Tuesday, Supervisor Grace announced his intention to schedule additional work sessions over the next 6-8 weeks, most likely on Monday or Wednesday. He said he would announce the dates as soon as they were decided.


8. Town Board liaisons

Supervisor Grace announced the liaisons to the town’s various advisory boards. (Note: the list is available from the supervisor’s office.)


The board went into closed executive session to discuss “potential employees.”