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Department Head Issues


Town Board, 12-28-2012

Buy outs

The Board voted unanimously to allow Mary DeSilva to buy out 10 days of vacation time and Elfriede Schmid to buy out 15 days of vacation time. (Note: When asked by the CIY observer, the only member of the public at the meeting , what the cost of the buy outs would be, Supervisor Grace said that the information was not available. Using 2012 salary data, CIY calculates the cost at approximately $6,800.)


Stipend for Deputy Comptroller

The Board voted unanimously to grant Deputy Comptroller Patricia Caporale a stipend of $5,275 to cover the time from September 14 to the end of December when she worked in the capacity of an acting comptroller.



Town Board, 12-18-2012

Department head benefits

As the hour was late, Supervisor Grace suggested that this resolution be postponed. However, at Councilman Paganelli’s urging, the Board initiated a discussion that at times became confusing over proposed changes and the exact meaning of certain sections. (The resolution is an outgrowth of the controversy surrounding the current lawsuit between the Town and former comptroller Joan Goldberg over a 1993 resolution that Ms. Goldberg contends let her accumulate unused vacation .)


The resolution covers 21 non union employees classified as “managerial employees.”


One of the provisions that needed clarification dealt with the ability of an employee to carry over 35 unused vacation days. Supervisor Grace wanted the language changed to make sure it was clear that this was a lifetime cap and not a yearly cap. He also wanted it understood that the resolution did not preclude the Board fromoffering a different benefit package on a case by case basis.


A revised version of the resolution based on some oral changes was unanimously adopted.


Town Board, 12-3-2012

Salary increases

Planning Director Tegeder, representing other department heads, continued an earlier discussion (that had been in closed session) regarding vacation benefits for department heads. (The purpose of the discussion was to update the 1993 resolution regarding benefits that came to light when the former comptroller Joan Goldberg resigned.)Referring to a revised document, it appeared that the new resolution would cap the number of vacation carryover days at 35 and that the carryover would have to be approved by the Town Board. There was also a discussion on the number of vacation days that department heads would be entitled to based on their years of service and the apparent need to adjust the number of days for three existing department heads to bring them into compliance with the new schedule.After some discussion of whether the number of vacation days in a given year could or should be pro-rated if the person left at the beginning of the year, it appeared to be decided that this was not workable.The Board will vote to adopt the resolution at a subsequent Board meeting. The resolution will govern vacation benefits going forward.

Mr. Tegeder also brought up the issue of raises for department heads. The preliminary budget includes 3% raises for most department heads, plus a larger amount for some, and is based on the 3% increase in the CSEA contract for 2009-2011. Supervisor Grace said that it would not be appropriate to discuss 2012 raises until after negotiations were settled with the CSEA for 2012, adding that department head raises should be on a case by case basis. Mr. Tegeder pointed out that in 2013, police officers would be earning more, without overtime, than some department heads.“That’s the nature of the beast,” Supervisor Grace said, referring to collective bargaining.


CSEA Contract

Town Board, 11-19-2013

The Board approved a new contract with the CSEA covering the years 2012-2015 that includes the following raises:

2012: 1.5% lump sum payment

2013: 1.5% increase on base salary

2014: 1.75% increase on base salary

2015: 1.75% increase on base salary


The increases will cost the town approximately $161,000 a year for 2012 and 2013, $191,000 for 2014 and $194,000 for 2015.  The contract reduces workers compensation benefits for new hires.


In approving the contract, Supervisor Grace praised the town work force, adding that the town has an obligation to be fair to its employees and to treat them well.

Town Board, 6-18-2013

On the recommendation of the town’s outside auditor, the Board okayed a list of 2012 budget transfers for the general, highway, library, water, sewer and refuse funds to cover possible increases in 2012 salary costs in the event the town reaches a settlement with the CSEA this year that requires a retroactive payment for 2012.  According to the auditor, the potential liability should be funded in the year that it was incurred. The general fund  transfer totaled $100,183.

Town Board, 3/20/2012

In response to a courtesy of the Floor comment from Susan Siegel (the person writing these notes) requesting that the board provide some information about the CSEA contract prior to voting on the contract, Councilman Bianco said that the 3-year contract that covered 2009-2011 called for a zero increase in 2009, a 1.5% lump sum payment on the base salary for 2010, and a 1.5% salary increase for 2011. He said that the money for the increase was in the 2012 budget. There was no response to Ms. Siegel’s question as to whether the contract included any savings for the town.

Supervisor Grace said that he had “inherited” the contract at the 11th hour and Councilman Murphy said he was pleased that the contract did not include any layoffs, a point repeated by Councilman Bianco who said that one reason the CSEA accepted the contract was because it did not include any layoffs. He also said that the person whose job was saved last year was working out well.


The contract was approved 5-0, and Supervisor Grace said that negotiations for the 2012 contract had already begun. In response to a question from Councilman Patel, Supervisor Grace said that negotiations are continuing with the PBA.

PBA Contract


Town Board, 5/15/2012

 Approved a 5-year contract, covering 2010-2014,that grants raises of 2% for the first three years, followed by 2.35% and 2.5% raises in the last two years of the contract. A new third tier covering new employees will require a higher percentage employee payment for medical benefits (the exact amount was not clear), plus current employees also paying more for their medical benefits.


Councilman Bianco said the retroactive payments for 2010-2012 would cost the Town $374,480 and would come from the Fund Balance. Next year, the increase will result in a 2.88% increase in the tax rate. He said that the comptroller felt comfortable that even with the increase, the Town would still be able to come within the 2% tax levy cap.While the Town does expects to save about $20,000 this year as a result of the higher medical insurance payments, most of that savings will come in the future as new hires are brought into the department.


Supervisor Grace said the contract was a “fair deal” and said it was in the Town’s interest to settle with the PBA rather than have an arbitrator set the terms of the new contract.


Salary Issues


Town Board, 5/15/20122

Approved retroactive pay for Brian Gray for 2009-2011 prior to his becoming Superintendent of Parks & Recreation


Town Board, 4/17/2012

Pay increases of 1.5%, effective April `12, 2012, were approved for14 part time employees. The increases are similar to the increase approved in the CSEA contract for full time employees. However, part time employees are not entitled to the retroactive paymentsthat full time employee received.Pay increases provided in the CSEA contract were approved for Anne Anderson, Secretary to the Highway Superintendent and Diana Quast, Deputy Town Clerk.


Town Board, 3/20/2012

Stipends The board announced that it was approving a stipend of $275/week for Kim Angliss Gage (the equivalent of $14,300 for the year), retroactive to January 1st for serving as acting head of the Environmental Conservation Department and Central Garage after the retirement of Pat Lofaro. In response to Councilman Patel’s question about what title Ms. Gage would have, Supervisor Grace explained that the town was still working this out with the county’s HR department.


The board also approved a stipend for Deputy Assessor Kim Penner who has been serving as Acting Assessor since the resignation of former assessor Harold Girdlestone. The amount of her stipend was not announced and the board said there were also HR issues related to the appointment.


Town Board, 11-13-2012

After the budget discussion (see below), the Board went into executive session, which became heated at times. When it returned to open session, and after Councilman Patel left the room, the Board voted 3-1 to appoint Paul Colarusso as a laborer in the Building Maintenance Department with Supervisor Grace voting against the motion.

Town Board, 8-7-2012

In an item not on the agenda, appointed John W. Winter as an auto mechanic in the central garage, at a salary of about $53,000, to fill a vacancy created by a retirement.

Town Board, 6/5/2012

 Library: Kathleen Scanlon was appointed Librarian II at an annual salary of $64,412.

Town Board, 5/29/2012

Without any explanation, the board voted on two personnel resolutions. (After checking with the Deputy Town Clerk after the meeting, it was learned that one resolution appointed Yolanda Vasquez as assistant court clerk and Keith DeVito as a Motor Equipment Operator (MEO). The clerk did not know if Mr. DeVito was a new appointment or whether the MEO position was a promotion.)

Town Board, 5/22/2012

Assessor: Without any discussion, and while the public was in the process of entering the room, the board unanimously to approve the appointment of Kim Penner, currently deputy assessor, to the position of assessor. In response to a question from the public, Supervisor Grace said the salary would be $93,500. (The time period for the appointment was not announced.)

Town Board, 5/15/2012

Water Distribution Superintendent. The board unanimously voted to make David Rambo’s position permanent.

.Real property assessor. The board approved the appointed of Sarah Seaboldt to the position.  (Note:  her services were terminated on December 18, 2012.)

Tax Receiver. The board approved the reappointment of Elfrieda Schmidt to the position.

Town Board, 4/17/2012

1) Charles Hall, as a laborer in the Water Department, at a salary of $38,866.

2) Erin Ridel, as Recreation Supervisor, at $69,729.

Town Board, 3/20/2012

Code Inspector: Theboard unanimously appointed Jason Zeif as code inspector to replace Joe Hughes who resigned in February. Mr. Zeif will be paid$41,857 and will be full time. (Mr. Hughes worked 4 days a week.) In addition to having experience as a code inspector, Building Inspector John Winter said that Mr. Zeif should be able to assist the department in other building code issues.

Police officers: The board approved the appointment of two new police officers, Daniel J Kaen and Matthew D Racioppo, to replace two who have retired. The officers will attend the Orange County training academy beginning next week and will be officially swon in at a later date.

Town Board, 3/6/2012

 Park & Recreation Department. The board voted unanimously to promote Brian Gray, currently assistant superintendent to superintendent to replace Jennifer Fava at a salary of $89,000 and Todd Orlowski, currently recreation supervisor to assistant superintendent at a salary of $85.433.


Town Board, 2/4/2012

The board appointed Margaret Groccia as Senior Library Clerk at a salary of $41,941.

 Town Board, 1/10/2012

Filling vacant library position

Library Director Patricia Barresi asked the board for permission to canvas the civil service to fill a senior clerk position to replace a retiring senior clerk. She said the money for the position was in the 2012 budget. She didn’t want to call for the list without being certain that the board would make the appointment. Councilman Bianco wanted to know what would happen if the position was not filled. “Would you have to close the library one day,” he asked. In response, Ms. Barresi said that that wouldn’t happen as the position is an administrative one but also a key position.


Town Board, 6/5/2012

Central garage: Auto mechanic David Doherty was promoted to senior auto mechanic. (His salary was not discussed.)

Town Board, 4/17/2012

1) Andrew Cerrato and Alfred Pisano to Maintenance Mechanic (pool), at salaries of $53,942 and $61,556 respectively.Mr. Cerrato was formerly a laborer, and Mr. Pisano aaa Park Groundsman.

2) Anthony Cuccovia , currently a Heavy Motor Equipment Operator in the Highway Department, tothe Sewer Department in the same job title and at the same salary

3) Jane Castellucci Preston, to Deputy Court Clerk, at a salary of $68.000, from Assistant Court Clerk.


Town Board, 9-18-2012

The Board accepted the resignation of Comptroller Joan Goldberg effective September 21, 2012.

Town Board, 5/15/2012

 Saying that“we need to go in a different direction,” and that “processes should have been done a long time ago,” Supervisor Grace made a motion, seconded by Councilman Murphy, not to reappoint Comptroller Joan Goldberg and ask her to submit her resignation. Councilman Patel voted for the resolution and Councilmen Bianco and Paganelli voted against it. When Supervisor Grace said they would be interviewing candidates for the job, Councilman Bianco asked that Ms. Goldberg, who has been in the position for 16 years, be interviewed and said that the board would realize that the best person for the job is the one the Town already has.

Town Board, 4/17/2012

The Board accepted the resignations of Christine Piatelli, a librarian at the John C. Hart Memorial Library and Anthony Romano, ABACA (Advisory Board on Architecture and Community Appearance) chairman and board member for 20 years.

Town Board, 3/6/2012

The board accepted the resignation of JoAnn McCallister, a part time clerk in the court. There are now three vacancies at the court, 1 full time and 2 part time.

Town Board, 2/21/2012

The board accepted the resignation of Charlotte Tarkin, a part time employee in the court.

Court personnel

Town Board, 7-24-2012

The Board went into closed session and went back into open session to announce that instead of having four full time and two part time clerks, it was going to eliminate the part time clerks and make 5 full time clerks. While there will be no budgetimpact this year, next year, because the full timer will get medical benefits, the additional cost will be $30,000. Supervisor Grace said that the added cost would be covered by the increased fees and fines levied by the court and that it was a good thing to do.Paula Giglio, currently a part timer, will become the full time clerk.

Conference Attendance

Town Board, 1/17/2012

During Courtesy of the Floor, Susan Siegel, the person writing these notes, commented on two resolutions to be voted on that evening dealing with the town paying for staff to attend conferences.

1) The board voted unanimously to permit  three employees of the Parks & Recreation Department to attend a Pool & Spa Conference scheduled for next week at Atlantic City at a cost to the town of $400. The funds will come from the Parks Department training budget line.

2)  At the request of Councilman Bianco, a resolution authorizing the Library Director to attend a conference at a cost of $1,000 to the town was tabled. Along with the conference attendance resolution for the Parks staff, the resolution was first brought to the board’s attention during its pre-session meeting. At that time, Mr. Bianco said he wanted to speak to the Library Director. He also expressed concern that the funds would come from the library’s fund balance which, he said, should be used for unanticipated expenses.  During Courtesy of the Floor, Susan Siegel, the person writing these notes, asked if it was the board’s intention to change the cost savings policy adopted by the previous board that permitted staff to attend professional conferences on town time but at their own expense. In response, Supervisor Grace said, “This is a new board.”

Town Board, 1/24/2012

As a follow up to the previous discussion regarding the request of the Library Director to attend a conference at the town’s expense ($1,000), Councilman Bianco said he had left a phone message for the Library Director but that she had not gotten back to him. Councilman Bianco reminded the board that there was no money in the budget for conference expenses and that if the town decided to pay for one person, it would have to do the same for all. Supervisor Grace said that as there was no budget line for conference attendance, the town would need to make a budget transfer before the town could pay for the Director’s expense.  No action was taken.

In a related matter, the board unanimously approved the attendance of Steve Melillo of the Parks Department at a class sponsored by Turf Products Corp. There was no discussion of whether a cost was involved.