Citizens for an Informed Yorktown


Planning Board

June 8, 2015

Board members present:   John Flynn, acting chair,  John Savoca,Darlene Rivera  



1. Taconic Veterinary Clinic & Canine Kindergarten

Mr. Piccirillo requested that the Public Informational Hearing be rescheduled because he was unable to make the required notifications.  The Planning Board rescheduled this PIH for July 13, 2015.


2. Stormwater retrofit project at Yorktown Police Department

According to Mr. Tegeder, the extension is needed because technical redesigns were required and Hahn Engineering experienced some personnel changes.  The Planning Board granted the one year extension.


3. Costco Special Meeting

There will be a special meeting of the Planning Board Monday, June 15, 2015 at 7:00pm in the YCCC to review the changes made to the Costco site plan in response to comments collected in the SEQR process.. The Planning Board passed a resolution to retain the same outside counsel for the Costco site plan approval as used for the SEQR process.  This was done in the interest of continuity.





4. Envirogreen Demolition Permit

The building in question formerly housed the Dana Cole Hair Salon.  This is a referral from the Building Department, basically asking the Planning Board if there are any potential uses for the building proposed for demolition.  The Planning Board sees none.  According to the applicant Mr. Cipriani, the interior of the building has totally deteriorated and has been assessed zero value by his bank.  Mr. Cipriani said it didnít matter to him whether the demolition permit was issued now or as part of the final site plan approval for the whole property.  The Planning Board will notify the Building Department that it has no objection to the demolition permit being issued at this time.  Mr. Tegeder asked that the Planning Department be provided with photographs of the building in its present condition.


5. Teatown-Auxiliary Parking Lot

(See Planning Board 9/8/2014) This was a equest to modify approved landscape plan.  The previous plan included herbaceous plantings and small shrubs, all of which would be subject to heavy deer predation.  The new plan replaces those plants with several large trees.  Bruce Barber, Town Environmental Consultant has reviewed the new plan.  The Planning Board will send an authorizing memo.


6. Northern Westchester Restorative Care

(See Town Board, 5-26-2015) Preliminary plans to add 25 additional parking spaces behind the building were presented.  The facility is not increasing the number of residents, but rather the staff to resident ratio, necessitating additional staff parking.  The stormwater plan is still being developed, but will probably include detention under the parking lot or in an area to the south of the building.  Mr. Flynn asked about using pervious pavers in the new parking area.  Mr. Barbuti said he didnít like them because they quickly became clogged.  Mr. Tegeder suggested pervious asphalt which is becoming more feasible, but Mr. Barbuti pointed to the strict maintenance regime this type of surface requires.  Although this application is before the Town Board as an amendment to a special use permit, the Planning Board wants to play an advisory role with regard to the stormwater plan and will make a site visit on June 20, 2015.