Planning Board

December 16, 2019


Attending: John Kincart, John Savoca, William LaScala, Rich Fon, Aaron Bock, Robert Garrigan




1. Furci’s Restaurant, Underhill Avenue

(See Planning Board, 11-18-2019.)  The board approved the amended site plan. The applicant will need to renew the outdoor seating permit in the spring.


2. Hilltop Hanover subdivision, White Horse Lane

(See Planning Board, 11-4-2019.) The board approved the change in elevation plan for lot #9. The sewer issue may still have to be resolved.


3. CVS, Route 202/Public Hearing

The applicant showed revised plans that addressed some of the board’s previously discussed technical issues. Still to be resolved is the landscaping plan and reconciling differences between ABACA recommendations and the board’s concern about assuring the visibility of the Hudson Valley Steakhouse. A conceptual landscape plan includes plantings in the corner along Stony Street and street trees along Route 202. Mr. Tegeder suggested that the corner plantings be low maintenance and that the street trees would not be a visibility issue if the correct species was chosen and planted at the right spacing.   In response to comments from Jay Kopstein about pedestrian and cyclist safety at the Route 202 crossing, Mr. Grealy said that as part of the project, the timing of the lights would be modified and also that the construction of an additional turning lane on Stony Street would  improve the timing situation.


The hearing was adjourned in order to give the applicant time to work out the landscaping details.


4. Crystal Court Subdivision, Crystal Court/Public hearing

(See Planning Board 11-4-2019.) Neighbors thanked the board for addressing their drainage concerns.  Mr. Tegeder advised the board that the approving resolution would have to include mitigation measures that addressed the earlier violation for cutting trees without a permit. The hearing was closed. The board will need to iron out the details of the conservation easements at a work session.




5. 387 Granite Springs Road

A portion of the parcel at the corner of Gregory Street and Granite Springs Road was transferred by deed instead of by a formal subdivision process in 1978/ The parcel could not be developed, however, because of the sewer moratorium. In 2016, when the moratorium was lifted, it was determined that the deed transfer was done illegally so the issue is now before the board to make the separated lot, 0.479 acre, legal.  The parcel conforms to the bulk regulations for the R1-20 zone.  The applicant will now have to file a formal subdivision plan.


6. Swope Trust/Griffin/East Main Street

(See Planning Board, 11-18-2019.) Mr. Fon reported that the Planning Board and Conservation Board had done a joint site visit to several parcels along East Main Street.  They were most concerned about the unlawful parking of many commercial vehicles on parcels along the street although not on the applicant’s parcel. A letter will be sent to the Building Department about enforcing the town code.


The board advised the applicant that with proper mitigation his proposed commercial building could be built in the buffer zone.  Any plan would have to be approved by the DEC as well as other town advisory boards. The applicant was advised to meet with the Planning Department to get an idea of what would be involved in a site plan approval before deciding if and how to proceed with buying the property. It was suggested that he might want to make purchasing the property contingent on getting site plan approval.


7. Getty Gas Station Special Permit/3700 Barger Street

(See Planning Board 11-4-2019.) The applicant presented a revised plan that reflected some of the board’s concerns that were expressed at the previous meeting.  Mr. Tegeder, however, expressed concern that the revised plan made no provision for a possible future access for the land locked parcel to the east of the applicant’s site; he noted that possible development plans, including one for apartments had been considered, and suggested that the applicant’s proposed convenience store building be shifted to provide for a possible future access. He added that he was not advocating for the owner of the land locked parcel but was looking into the future and from a public safety perspective. The applicant  advised the board that shifting the building would/could hurt his business and create other site plan issues. Mr. LaScala noted that the fact that someone purchased a land locked parcel should not be an issue for the current applicant and Mr. Kincart said that the plan should work for the current applicant, adding though, that if apartments were built on an adjoining site, it could provide the applicant with additional customers.  Complicating the site plan is the strip of land on the north side of the parcel, an unused extension of East Main Street just south of Route 6, that is owned by the DOT.


The board will send a memo to the Town Board which is the approval authority for the special permit noting its concerns.


8. Lowe’s/Pad “A”

The applicant unveiled plans for a 12,700 sf building for a “specialty grocer.” The name of the prospective tenant was not revealed.  Pad “A” is the western most pad and close to Old Crompond Road.


The building would replace a potential 7,500 sf restaurant that was part of the original site plan approval for the entire site. Mr. Riina advised the board that the site plan was tenant driven and represented the best possible plan of several alternative plans that had been proposed. The plan will require two 10’ retaining walls along Old Crompond Road. The plan provides more parking spaces than required.


Mr. Tegeder advised the applicant that he needs to compare how the impacts of the proposed new larger building differ from what was originally approved.  He also advised the applicant to provide the board with visuals of the planned retaining wall and the rear of the building that would face Route 202.


9. Atlantic Appliance, Maple Hill Street

The applicant presented a revised plan that shifted the 1½ story building, decreased the building footprint but increased the overall square footage to 16,000 sf from an initial 10,000 sf.  He anticipates the DEP will test the ground water level in the next week. Both Mr. Tegeder and Mr. Kincart noted that the site was not as wet as they had previously thought.  A Public Informational Hearing will be held in January.


10. Correia site plan, East Main Street

(See Planning Board 11-4-2019.) Mr. Riina showed the board a revised site plan that moved the building. As the board appeared to agree with the new location, Mr. Riina said he would proceed to work out a more detailed site plan.


11. Nantucket Sound, Kear Street

Mr. Riina presented a revised conceptual site plan (the potential tenant for an earlier site plan no longer was available) for a 3-story 8,101 sf building with retail on the first floor and 6 apartments on the upper floors. Mr. Fon said that the plan looked “squeezed in” and Mr. Kincart said that while he liked the mixed use concept that would fit into the board’s hamlet look goal, he was concerned about the density.  Calling the plan a “work in progress,” Mr. Riina said he would come back to the board with a more developed plan.