Planning Board

February 24, 2020


Attending: John Kincart, William LaScala, Rich Fon, Aaron Bock




1. Heathstone Minor subdivision, Hearthstone Street

The board approved the first 90 day extension. The applicant is working with the town attorney on the easement for the 8’ sewer line.


2. 2040 Greenwood Street

The board approved the first one year extension. The applicant advised the board that the plan is close to getting all the necessary final approvals.


3. CVS, Crompond Road

The board approved the site plan, and stormwater plan and tree permits. One of the conditions is that the applicant return to the board for approval of its final architecural details as the board is concerned about the rear of the building facing Old Crompond Road. The board thanked the applicant for working with the restaurant across the road.


4. 387 Granite Springs Road, Public Informal Hearing

(See Planning Board, 1/27/2020.) The applicant reviewed the plan that includes a limited incursion into the wetland buffer for a rear yard, the removal of 24 trees, including some that are 18” and 24” in diameter, and plans for planting replacement trees and shrubs.  Because of high ground water, the plan includes a “closed” stormwater system that will let stormwater “trickle out” into the ground.  The Planning Board suggested that the plan include a larger and more realistic rear yard and some form of protection, e.g., a conservation easement, for the remaining wetland area. The board also expressed concern about the removal of certain specific trees and asked the applicant to take a closer look at whether they could be saved. The applicant indicated that the landscaping plan was flexible and could include additional new plantings as well as stabilization measures along the stream.


Susan Siegel, the person writing this summary, thanked the applicant and the board for its concern about the trees and asked whether the plan had been submitted to the Tree Conservation Advisory Commission. The abutting property owner expressed concern for his private well and also wanted to know how the approval process would move forward.   In response to the Conservation Board’s comment, the applicant has submitted a revised EAF.


5. 650 Pines Bridge Road/Public Informational Hearing

(See Planning Board 11/4/19.)  The applicant explained the 3 lot subdivision plan and said he will work with the Fire Board on the location of a tank. A homeowner whose property is across the road called the board’s attention to the tall trees along the road that were very vulnerable to high winds and asked if they could be removed and replaced with evergreens. Another area homeowner, noting that the site has lost several trees in previous storms, expressed concerned about drainage.




6. Nestle Waters, Route 202

(See Planning Board, 1-27-2020.) Based on a site visit, the board wants the applicant to remove the new “prison-like” chain link fence that was installed with a more attractive looking fence (the board had a positive reaction to a photo of a proposed replacement fence) and also asked the applicant to explore a possible landscaped strip between the Route 202 curb and the fence, including possibly moving back the fence.  The applicant would have to get DOT permission to landscape the  DOT right-of-way but the applicant did not see this as a problem; if necessary, the board indicated that it could approve the amended site plan while DOT approval was pending.  


After it was explained that the site will be used at night for truck unloading and loading, the board expressed concern about the need to soften the impact of both noise (beeps from trucks backing up) and light for houses to the rear of the site.


A public informational hearing will be held  March 23. In the meantime, the applicant will work with the Planning Department on possible improvements to the site plan.


7. Nantucket Sound, Kear Street

In response to the board’s comments at the previous meeting, the applicant showed the board an elevation plan that included several segments of a retaining wall with a fence on top along Kear Street. The board was pleased with the change.  A public informational hearing will be held March 23.


8. Pure Salon, Saw Mill River Road

(See Town Board, 3-27-2018.)  The applicant wants to add a 400 sf addition to the rear of the building. The addition would be over an existing paved area.  The plan also includes enhancements to the building’s front facade. The board had no issues with the plan and a public informational hearing will be held March 23.  The applicant will work with the town engineer on some technical issues. Because the project is limited in scope, it will not require a full SWPPP, but in preliminary discussions, the DEP has suggested a rain garden to handle stormwater.


9. Par 3 golf course

 The applicant presented a parking plan that provides for 50 spaces and meets the code’s requirement for a par 3 course, adding that an additional 40 spaces were available along the service road that is owned by the DOT but maintained by the town.


The parking plan does not factor in parking requirements for the restaurant that will have 49 seats, but the applicant explained that the restaurant was not likely to be busy when the golf course was open.   The board asked for a few more details on the parking plan and a floor plan for the restaurant space.


The applicant advised the board that the DEC violations had been addressed and that the documents needed for a DEC wetlands permit have been submitted.  The driving range is not part of the DEC permit application.  


The board decided that a public information hearing was not needed because the project was only a renovation of an existing use and will tentatively hold a regular public hearing on March 23.