Citizens for an Informed Yorktown


Planning Board

February 24, 2014


Attending: John Flynn, John Savoca, Richard Fon, Ann Kutter, Darlene Rivera


Special Session


1. Yorktown Farms

Approved revised siting of lot 11.


Work Session


2. Faith Bible Church

Mr. Riina answered a few questions about the expanded/updated EAF that had been submitted explaining that the document  “tightened up” a few issues, addressed site plan changes based on the latest variances, and brought together several reports into one document.  In response to Ms. Kutter’s question about the location of the proposed sewer line and its proximity to a wetland, Mr. Riina explained that the pipe would not disturb the wetlands and that there was no other nearby location for the pipe.


The Board also acknowledged a submission it had received hat day from Evan Bray and  asked the Board’s attorney to prepare a response to the document for the March 10 hearing. On behalf of the applicant, Mr. Capellini said that the applicant would also respond to the document.


Mr. Fon advised Mr. Riina that at the March 10 public hearing, the applicant should present a time line showing the initial plan (number of parking spaces, square footage, etc.) and how it was modified over time and when in response to the variances.


Mr. Capellini advised the Board that the required posted public notice signs at the site have either been removed or have been buried in the snow.  Mr. Fon suggested that the applicant post new signs as required by law.