Citizens for an Informed Yorktown



Planning Board



Attending: John Savoca, John Flynn, John Kiincart, Darlene Rivera, Ann Kutter


1. PEG Realty

Granted  a reapproval.  Joel Greenberg said the project was ready for closing. No changes have been made to previously


2. Lake Osceola Realty

A public hearing was opened. The only speakers were the applicant’s consultants who presented an overview of the project.  The Board voted 4-1 to close the hearing (with Ms. Kutter dissenting due to some concerns over landscaping issues and differences of opinion with the proposed plan and the Conservation Board) with a 30 day written comment period.


Parking: the plan calls for 113 spaces where 135 are required by code. Twelve spaces will be shared with Ceola Manor.


Coverage: approximately 53% of the site will be left undisturbed. The building will be located in the wetland buffer.


One acre of land, running along the lake front and up to Hill Blvd will be dedicated to the town and a conservation/recreations/access  easement will be placed on the wetlands  so that a path from the parking lot through the wetland will provide access to the lake and to a potential dock on the town owned land.


There will be additional trees and shrubs planted on the northern end of the site. Planning Director Tegeder suggested that street trees along Hill Blvd be added to the landscape plan. Given the limited property along Hill Blvd, it was estimated that this would result in two trees.


Mr. Tegeder asked for clarification about the location of the proposed new plantings in the wetland  in order not to block access to the lake. In response, the applicant said he would tweak the landscape plan. He will also have the Conservation Board review the modified plan and consult again with Bruce Barber. Iin general, the applicant plans to replace invasive species with native plantings.


Mr. Tegeder also wanted to see more details about the retaining wall that will run along the driveway into the site and to the main parking lot. The height of the wall will be as high as 13 feet, but only a portion of it will be above grade.


There was also some discussion about the height of the 3 story buildings which will feature a mansard roof.