Citizens for an Informed Yorktown


Welcome to Citizens for an Informed Yorktown

An informed and involved electorate is the key to a better Yorktown.


It's our town. Make it work for us!


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Citizens for an Informed Yorktown (CIY) is a non-partisan effort with the goal of:

  • Informing residents about what's happening in our community.

  • Increasing the level of resident participation in town affairs.

CIY attends all open meetings of the Town Board and Planning Board, including those not televised, and prepares factual summaries of each meeting that are shared with the community on the CIY web page, linked to Facebook and distributed to subscribers via email.


The summaries can be viewed by meeting date or by topic.

  • Follow the progress of a specific development, such as Costco, Depot Square, or Navajo Fields.

  • Follow the progress on a specific town issue, such a proposed new local law, financial updates and zoning changes.

If you'd like to receive an email with meeting highlights, for either or both Boards, send an email to indicating which Board summary/s you're interested in.

Special 2015/2016 Update

When the CIY site was created in 2008, the Town Board meeting summaries were prepared by Susan Siegel , while CIY co-founder Linda Miller prepared the Planning Board summaries. The site was inactive in 2010 and 2011 when Susan Siegel became Supervisor.


From December, 2014 thru December, 2015, when Susan Siegel became a member of the Town Board, a disclaimer was added to the top of the CIY summary emails explaining that the summaries of the Town Board meetings were being written by Ms. Siegel  as a member of the Board and not as an observer.  Summaries of Planning Board meetings continued to be written by either Ms. Siegel or Ms. Miller.  


As of January, 2016, the Town Board summaries are being written by Ms. Siegel as an observer.