Planning Board

June 25, 2018


Attending: William LaScala, John Kincart, Anthony Tripodi


1. Anderson Subdivision, Croton Lake Road

(See Planning Board, 6-11-2018.) Mr. Ciarcia informed the board that the ZBA would be holding a public hearing on the application at its July meeting and asked if the Planning Board would approve the subdivision at its July 16 meeting, before the ZBA hearing, with the condition that the variance be approved.


2. Lowe’s sewer extension

(See Planning Board 6-11-2018.) Speaking for her neighbors, Ann Kutter asked the board for its support in their dispute with Breslin Realty. Having reviewed the documents related the project’s approval, the board’s attorney advised board members that Breslin’s commitment to extend sewer lines to each of the properties was  part of the site plan approval and that if Breslin did not proceed with the connections, it would be in violation of the site plan. The board will send a memo to the Town Board. The attorney suggested that the Planning Board adopt a resolution at its next meeting making it clear that the sewer connections were part of the part plan approval.


3. PCSB Bank, Commerce Street

(See Planning Board 6-11-2018.) Members of the applicant’s development team reviewed drainage plans that address the DEP’s concern about impervious surface, queuing at the three lanes under the new canopy, and the lighting plan designed to provide adequate security but is not generate excessive light.  The board expressed its pleasure that the bank had agreed to use a different material for the façade.  The applicant is scheduled to work out additional details with ABACA. With no major issues outstanding, the applicant expressed the hope that a resolution could be voted on at the July 16 meeting and that any remaining minor issues could be dealt with as conditions in the approving resolution.


As an aside to the PCSB plan, Mr. Kincart commented on the two, possibly three, car accidents at CVS and asked the bank’s representative if he would speak to the owner of the parcel (the bank is part of the parcel that includes the CVS building) if bollards could be installed in front of the CVS building.


4. Bellamy Construction, Stony Street

(See Planning Board 6-11-2018.) The applicant showed a plan that included a “line of sight” easement that addressed the board’s concern that trees would not impair the sight distance. Maintaining the easement will be the applicant’s responsibility and if not done, the town will have the authority to do whatever is necessary to maintain the sight distance. The board voted 3-0 to approve the amended plan, a stormwater permit and a tree permit.


5. Colangeo subdivision, Jacob Road

The board reviewed the language of a draft resolution that established a 5.3 acre conservation easement to be held by the Westchester Land Trust and a 10’ wide donation of property to the town from Jacob Road running through the parcel and the Westchester Land Trust easement along the Hunterbrook unterbrookHunterbroofor a future trail connection. The applicant will be able to make minor adjustments to the exact location of the 10’ donation at the time of final subdivision approval.


Unresolved was a requirement that the preliminary plan show some parking for future trail users along Jacob Road. Mr. Kincart said that the board was not requiring  a paved or even gravel area and that parking on the existing grass would be fine; the issue was designating an area for parking. According to Mr. Riina, the project engineer, the applicant wanted to defer creating a parking area until he was ready to present a plan for phase 2 of the project that would include the barn and a farm stand along Jacob Road with parking. As the applicant was not present, Mr. Riina said he could not commit to placing any parking designation on the preliminary without the applicant’s approval.


8. Little Red School House, 322 Kear Street

(See Planning Board 6-11-2018.) Mr. Riina showed the board the proposed location of the crossing on Kear Street with appropriate signage for cars in both directions. The board was satisfied with the plan and will send an appropriate memo to the ZBA.


9. Mobil Gas Station (CPD Energy Corp.) Saw Mill River Road

(See Town Board, 4-24-2018.)Having met with Mr. Tegeder to work out issues, the applicant said he was willing to use only 2,000 sf of the planned 3,000 sf building for retail use; the remaining space will be for storage. Shrinking the square footage of retail space had the effect of reducing the parking requirement from 15 to 10 spaces; the applicant is now showing 11 spaces.


The applicant will now return to the Town Board, the approval authority for special permits for gas stations. Mr. Tegeder advised the applicant that he needed to show a plan that limits the retail space to 2,000 sf so that the restriction is part of the approved plan.  Some additional details involving landscaping and the sidewalk remain to be worked out.


10. Mohegan Audi Addition, East Main Street

In an item not on the agenda, Mr. Riina asked the board to send a letter to the ZBA regarding the status of its review.