Planning Board

June 11, 2018


Attending: John Kincart, John Savoca, William LaScala, Richard Fon, Robert Garrigan


1. Courtesy of the Floor

(See Town Board, 6-5-2018.) Ann Kutter asked the board to assist the Old Crompond Rod property owners in their sewer dispute with Breslin Realty. Mr. Tegeder said he would draft a memo for the Planning Board to be reviewed at the next meeting.


2. Ianuzzi subdivision, Baptist Church Road

The board reapproved the subdivision. Mr. Riina said that the applicant is in the final stages of getting several legal documents reviewed and approved.


2. Hearthstone subdivision, Hearthstone Street

Before the board can vote for preliminary approval, the applicant must submit a formal plat.  The applicant said he would have this ready for a future meeting.  The draft approval resolution is ready and the board’s attorney said that the easement agreement is satisfactory.


3. Anderson Subdivision, Croton Lake Road/Public Informational Hearing

(See Planning Board 5-7-2018.)  The notice problem having been corrected, the hearing was reopened and closed. There were no public comments. The board will review the application at its next meeting and set a date for the public hearing.


4. PCSB Bank, Commerce Street/Public Informal Hearing

(See Planning Board, 5-7-2018.) The applicant explained the proposed changes to the building including relocating the ATM to the outside of the building, the construction of 3 drive-thru lanes for ATM, drive up window, and thru traffic under a new canopy. A lighting and landscape plan will be submitted. There were no public comments and the hearing was closed.


5. Jefferson Valley Mall subdivision/Public hearing

The applicant explained the subdivision of the former Sears parcel as part of the agreement for the town to take over the ring road. Showing photos of poorly maintained sections of the existing road, Bill Beck questioned what would happen once the town took over the road. In response, the applicant’s attorney stated that as part of the approved agreement between the town and the mall owners, the mall owner has agreed to upgrade the road’s existing condition and maintain it.  Mr. Tegeder advised the board that there were a few technical details in the approving resolution that had to be resolved. The hearing was closed.  The applicant needs a variance.


6. Mohegan Audi addition, East Main Street, Mohegan Lake/Public Informational Meeting

The applicant reviewed the site plan. The number of parking spaces will be 156, up from the existing 103 spaces; a variance will be requested as only 114 are allowed.  Two curb cuts on East Main Street will be eliminated, leaving one access point on East Main and one on Lakeland Street. The plan includes the ability of car carriers to access the site, although the applicant explained that this is not likely to happen. During the hearing, the owner of Village Traditions, across Lakeland Street, expressed concern that car carriers might be parked along the street, blocking access to his site. He asked that No Parking signs be erected. In response, Mr. Tegeder said that there could be a note on the site plan prohibiting parking on Lakeland Street and Mr. Fon advised the owner that it was up to the Audi owner to control where car carriers parked.  The applicant’s architect explained that some changes would be made to the front of the existing building as part of a general upgrrade/modernization and that the exterior treatment of the new addition was cognizant of the existing character of the neighborhood. Tony Grasso, speaking on behalf of the chamber of Commerce, supported the application.  


7. Prestige Renovations, Buckhorn Street

(See Planning Board, 4-23-2018.)  Mr. Fon recused himself.  The applicant provided a survey that showed the feasibility of establishing a conservation easement to the rear of the property that would make it possible, at a future date, to establish a trail to East Main Street.  Mr. Savoca had some additional concerns. The hearing was closed with a 10 day written comment period.


8. Pied Piper  Preschool/Crompond Road/Public Hearing

The applicant explained the revised plan would accommodate 38 additional students and 3 more staff members. The existing number of parking spaces is sufficient; actually two more than required. The traffic consultant explained that the impact would be less, given fewer students.


Jay Kopstein questioned the safety aspects of drivers crossing traffic to turn into or out of the site and asked if the curb cuts could be designed to eliminate those turns. He said that signage prohibiting the turns was not adequate. Mr. Tegeder explained that while the applicant could post no turn signs, and no turns could be noted on the site plan, the applicant could not issue any tickets if drivers made the turns.


A member of the abutting church expressed concern about a drainage problem that creates muddy conditions for parishioners. In response, Mr. Riina explained that given the site’s physical limitations, there was little he could do to correct the situation but he would see what could be done. The church representative said that clarification was also needed about dual use of weekend, adding that the church would not sign a new easement for the shared parking until both issues were resolved.


John MacDonald from Hamblyn Street expressed concern about the availability of parking for special events, questioning whether Verizon would agree to the same parking terms as Chase.


The hearing was adjourned.




9. Bellamy Construction, Stony Street

(See Planning Board 5-21-2018.) The applicant showed the board a revised plan that addressed the concerns raised at the previous meeting.  The board was satisfied with the changes and a resolution to amend the approved subdivision plan will be prepared for the next meeting.


10. Hill Boulevard Diner (Biffer Enterprises), Hill Boulevard

(See Planning Board 5-7-2018.) The shopping center owner explained that she is having problems with one of her tenants, Frankie  and Augie’s Restaurant, over its placement of several illegal sheds in the rear  of the building. While the sheds are not taking up needed parking spaces, because they are illegal, the board will not let the diner plan proceed until the sheds are removed.  The board remains concerned that if the restaurant is forced to remove the sheds but needs more space, it may have no other choice but to expand into the space proposed for the diner.  Mr. Tegeder will make a site visit with the building inspector and report back to the board under the assumption that the restaurant owner will “have to” listen to the building inspector.


11. Colangelo Minor subdivision, Jacob Road

The applicant advised the board that he has been working with the Westchester Land Trust and the Yorktown Land Trust on the easement for the trail. Before voting for preliminary approval, the board wants some additional information noted on the plan, including the approximate size of the easement. The applicant will return to the board later in the month.


12. 322 Kear Street/ Little Red House of Westchester/ZBA referral

The applicant, the owner of a group family day care facility on Kear Street, wants to lease 800 sf in the building in order to expand her operation to a second location. She is currently before the ZBA.  The new location would accommodate 14 children and 2 teachers and be open from 7am -6pm. The staff will park at the existing facility across the street.  The board was generally supportive of the plan; the only issue was the location of a crosswalk across Kear Street that would be used four times a day to walk the children to the outdoor play facility at the existing location.


13. Homeland Towers/Dell Avenue/ZBA Referral

The applicant was not present. The board will need more information before commenting on the application.