Planning Board

May 21, 2018


Attending: John Kincart, John Savoca, William LaScala, Rich Fon, Anthony Tripodi, Robert Garrigan


1. Correspondence/Crompond Terraces

Mr. Fon advised that the board had received numerous letters/emails regarding  the proposed development and that the board would not proceed with the application until some internal issues were addressed. He did  not identify what those issues were.


2. Shrub Oak International School

The board was advised that the building inspector had orally informed the applicant that the fencing height restrictions in the Zoning Code did not apply to its parcel; therefore the applicant will not need a variance if he wants a fence higher than 6’.  The applicant is waiting for the opinion in writing.  The board went into special session and approved the amended site plan subject to the applicant meeting some technical conditions identified in the town engineer’s memo.  The approving resolution  increases the number of permitted students in Phase 1 to 80 from the original 55.


3. Village Traditions, East Main Street

The board went into special session to approve the amended site plan.  The revised plan will include the potential  driveway connection to the abutting property but will not require any cross easements.


4. Hearthstone Minor Subdivision

The applicant has included all the board’s previous concerns into a revised subdivision plan: the house has been rotated and boulders will be placed, every 6’ on center, at the boundary with the cow path to prevent any vehicle access. There will be a maintenance agreement requiring the two new houses to maintain the improved road (the agreement is still being worked out). There was some confusion as to who would be responsible for the new sewer line that will serve the two new houses; the applicant advised the board that the two existing houses on the road were not interested in hooking up to the sewer line although he will provide stubs to the houses.  After a brief discussion about whether construction equipment would be allowed on Saturday or Sunday, and if so, during what hours, it was decided that the use of the equipment would be governed by the town’s Noise Ordinance. The board anticipates voting on an approval resolution at its next meeting.


5.  Pied Piper Preschool Addition, Crompond Road

The applicant has submitted a scaled down plan for the addition, from an estimated 18,000 sf addition to 10,000 sf, or 3 times the existing size instead of 5 times. Although the public did not have an opportunity to see the revised plan, based on the brief discussion, it appeared that the addition would be mostly visible in the rear of the existing building. Because of the reduced size, the applicant is dropping two proposed new programs and the number of students will be increased to 104, compared to the 66 now served. Given the types of programs, the applicant did not anticipate any additional parking needs, although it is working with the abutting church on its existing agreement for the shared use of the lot. The board will review the revised plan after the Planning Department has had an opportunity to review the plan.  A Public Informational Hearing will be held on June 11.


6. Bellamy Construction, 3423 Stony Street

The applicant is seeking a change to a subdivision plan approved in 2007 involving the placement of a house on a vacant lot that was part of the original subdivision plan. The lot is at the corner of Stony and Ivy Rd and how the house is sited involves an existing house on an abutting lot.  Issues include grading, the location of the house and driveway, sight distance and the amount of disturbance.  The applicant will work with the Planning Department and return to the board. In general, the board thought the “new” approach was more desirable than the 2007 plan.


7. Jefferson Valley Mall/Subdivision Plan for Ring Road

As a follow through of the agreement for the town to take ownership of the “ring road” around the mall, the mall owners have prepared a plan to subdivide the existing mall properties so that ownership of the parcels that include the road can be separated out from the mall parcels.  A Public Informal Hearing will be held on June 11.