Planning Board



Attending: John Kincart, John Savoca, William LaScala, Richard Fon, Aaron Bock, Robert Garrigan


1.  Spinelli subdivision, Buckhorn St.

(See Planning Board 12-3-2018.)  Although the application was not on the agenda, there was a brief discussion in response to correspondence from the Zoning Board.  The Planning Board’s attorney advised the board that the earlier ZBA decision they thought precluded any additional dwelling units  on the site was unenforceable leaving Mr. Savoca to ask: what does that mean for the Planning Board, especially in light of the concern of some Planning Board members about increasing the density of the site. It was agreed that the Planning  Board would ask the ZBA for a follow up letter vacating the prohibition against any new subdivision application which would then leave it open to the Planning Board to decide if it wanted to approve the subdivision.


2. Unicorn Contracting,  Kear St.

In response to correspondence, Mr. Tegeder advised the board that he had spoken to the applicant’s engineer who said he was in the process of preparing an amended site plan for the board’s review and approval.


3. Lowes

(Note: Because conditions in the room made it difficult for the observer to hear some of the discussion, some of the following information is based on a discussion with Mr. Tegeder after the meeting was adjourned.)

Mr. Grace updated the board on the status of the homeowner sewer connections indicating that Breslin has made the connections for those who wanted sewers and given a check to those who wanted money in lieu of connections. The board is satisfied that that condition of the original site plan has been met. There was a brief discussion about the need for guiderails at two locations; the board decided that it might want one temporary guiderail and that it would postpone a final decision on whether one or two were needed until after the grade differential with the abutting pad site was approved. With bonding in place to complete the required landscaping, Mr. Tegeder said he saw no obstacle to the building inspector issuing a CO for Lowes.  The applicant said there was some activity relating to leasing the three pads but no leases had been signed yet.


4. 2040 Greenwood Street

The board approved the site plan along with the required SEQRA resolutions and related permits with the condition that there be an approved stormwater plan (SWPPP).  The board explained to several of the neighbors that the conditional approval resolution was needed before the DEP would review the SWPPP.  The town engineer also has to approve the SWPPP.  According to Mr. Riina, the SWPPP is designed to address a 100 year storm – a much higher threshold than is required by either DEP or town regulations. The board also explained to the neighbors that it had no authority to guarantee that the new development would not harm their septic systems and advised them to speak to town officials regarding their water problems – problems that exist now even without the new development.  


5. Ricciardella Estates (formerly Dubovsky site plan)

A public hearing on the special permit will be held in April.  (Note: the Town Board previously approved a zoning change that allows for special permits for multi family development in the Coutnry Commercial zone. )