Planning Board

February 25, 2019


Attending: John Kincart, John Savoca, William LaScala, Rich Fon, Aaron Bock




1. Stahmer minor subdivision, Birdsall Drive

(See Planning Board, 8-13-2018.) The board reapproved the subdivision while the applicant continues to wait for Board of Health and DEP approval.


2. BJ’s/special permit for propane filling station

The Planning Department is not aware of any complaints or issues about the existing facility.  The special permit, first issued in 2014, was renewed.


3. 2040 Greenwood Street/Continuation of public hearing

Mr. Riina showed a revised site plan with additional landscaping designed to provide additional screening for homeowners across the street.  In response to suggestions from ABACA, the applicant is considering a deeper color tone for the building but agreed to present color swatches for the board’s approval once the applicant has selected a manufacturer for the prefab building.


The board closed the hearings. An approval resolution is expected at the next meeting.


4. Courtesy of the Floor/Unicorn Contracting/Kear Street

Susan Siegel (the person writing this summary) called the board’s attention to an October, 2018 meeting at which time the board directed the applicant to return with more information related to the need to amend its approved site plan in order to comply with changes required by the DEP. Noting that construction has continued on the site, she asked when the applicant would return to the board to seek approval for an amended site plan. Mr. Fon said he would look into the matter.




5. Hilltop Associates, Hilltop Road

Mr. Riina  referred to the existing easement as a “drainage” easement but said he did not know exactly what the text of the easement permitted, e.g., whether it could also be used for a new sewer line. When Mr. Riina advised the board that the applicant was waitng to address the Town Baord on the issue, Town Attorney Abbate, who was filling in as counsel to the board, said that he had never been asked about the easement. Mr. Savoca expressed reluctance to keep voting for 90 day extensions and Mr. Kincart asked Mr. Riina to get more information about the easement and the Town Board’s interest in the sewer plan.


6. Brookside Village, Landmark Court

(See Planning Board, 2-11-2019) After viewing the applicant’s proposed change in siting the house, the board decided that the applicant could move the house further back into the lot to the extent that it would comply with the side yard setbacks.  If and when the proposed buyer for the lot wants to construct a swimming pool, the applicant will have to return to the board.


7. 2200 Saw Mill River Road/dam reconstruction

(See Town Board, 2-19-2019.)  The board had no issue with the proposed plan.