Planning Board

December 4, 2017


Attending: John Kincart, John Savoca, William LaScala, Richard Fon, Anthony Tripodi


1. Unicorn Contracting, Route 118/ Subdivision hearing

(Mr. Savoca recused himself.)

Mr. Ciarcia explained the subdivision plan that will merge the existing Coldwell Banker site, Murphy’s and the rear of the Grace parcel into one lot.  There were no public comments and the hearing was closed. The board postponed adopting a resolution until after the December 14 ZBA meeting.


In a work session format, the board discussed the preliminary approval resolution for the site plan that includes a list of conditions, including the need for a lighting plan, more details about the retaining wall and parapet, and the landscaping plan, including a landscaping maintenance plan. The parking has been reduced to 168 spaces from 170 in order to provide room for refuse enclosures.


2. Stahmer Minor Subdivision, Birdsall Drive/Public hearing

(See Planning Board, 11/6/2107.) The board opened and closed the hearing, leaving open a two week comment period. John Schroder, whose property is across the street from the parcel, said that in general he had no problem with the subdivision, but he was concerned about the length of the driveway and the orientation of the house that was closest to his property.


The one unresolved issue, and the reason the hearing was left open for written comments, was to let another neighboring resident provide documentation on the status of State Road, a paper road.




3. Village Traditions, East Main Street, Mohegan Lake

The board advised the applicant to meet with the Planning Department to review the plan and determine what additional information may be needed. Mr. Tegeder characterized the additional information that may be needed as “small things.”


4. Colangelo Subdivision, Jacob Road

During Courtesy of the Floor after the close of the Regular Session and prior to the start of the Work Session, both John Schroder, speaking for the Yorktown Land Trust and ACOS, the Advisory Committee on Open Space, and Susan Siegel (the observer writing this summary), speaking for the Yorktown Trail Town Committee, urged the board to include the trail link in the preliminary subdivision approval. Mr. Schroder explained that he was speaking during Courtesy in order to “plant the seed’ with the board as he would not be able to address the board during the work session.


 During the work session, most of the discussion focused on the trail issue. The applicant was concerned that he was being asked to pay both a recreation fee and donate land for the trail.   Mr. Fon noted that Rec Commission wanted the fee. However, in response to the earlier comments  by Mr. Schroeder and Ms. Siegel, the board appeared to agree that the trail was in furtherance of both the Comprehensive Plan and an earlier Planning Department plan for the Hunterbrook Linear Park and that the board should not let this opportunity slip by. It was suggested that a compromise might be able to be worked out that would address the needs of the Rec Comm, set aside land for the trail, and not constitute an undue burden on the applicant. Alternately, the approval resolution could be worded so that a final decision could be left to final approval.


In the meantime, the boad will seek clarification on whether setting aside land for the trail, either through a donation of land or an easement with public access meets the town’s requirement that any land donation be used for “active” recreation. (The point was made that hiking is “active.”)


The applicant will attend next week’s ACOS meeting to discuss the trail in greater detail.


In the meantime, the applicant asked the board for an approval resolution as soon as possible, explaining that it couldn’t proceed with getting it’s other approvals without first having preliminary approval from the town.  The  board’s attorney will begin work on a draft approval resolution.