Planning Board



Attending: John Kincart, John Savoca, William LaScala, Richard Fon, Anthony  Tripodi, Robert Garrigan


1. Sandvoss subdivision, Hanover Street

Mr. Fon acknowledged correspondence relating to the subdivision and Mr. Tegeder stated that the board would take a “hard look” at the environmental issues raised in the recent submission.

2. Village Traditions, East Main Street, Mohegan Lake

The board reviewed some minor technical and landscaping issues that need to be attended to. There were no major issues with the proposed site plan.


3. Unicorn Contracting, Kear Street

Mr. Ciarcia has met with town staff to go over a series of what was described as housekeeping issues. The applicant is still working on the SWPPP. The applicant will be seeking a variance from the ZBA on December 14 to deal with the existing beauty salon building. An application for subdivision approval that will combine three separate lots into one lot will be filed and a public hearing on the subdivision will likely be held during the board’s second December meeting which will be after the ZBA meets.  The current plan shows only 170 parking spaces where 198 would be required but the board has the authority to reduce the parking requirement up to 25%; the commuter lot next to town hall would be available for any additional needed parking. The applicant was asked to provide a written narrative to justify the parking variance.   The four season landscaping plan along Route 118 indicates that the plantings will be tall enough to shield the view of the parked cars but not the building. In a letter to the board, Bob Spadaccia, the owner of the abutting building on Underhill Avenue raised the issue of the retaining wall at the rear of his property. The applicant stated that the mechanical equipment on the roof will not be visible from Route 118.


4. Stahmer Minor Subdivision, Birdsall Drive

(See Planning Board 11/21/2016 and 10/17/2016.) The applicant has updated the base maps for the subdivision. The Conservation Board had no comments on the plan.   A public hearing will likely be scheduled for December.