Planning Board

November 21, 2016


Attending: John Kincart, John Savoca, John Flyn, Rich Fon, William LaSacla


1. Lowe’s/Public Hearing

The applicant reviewed the highlights of the plan as discussed at earlier meetings. No tenants for the two restaurants and the bank building have been identified. The details of the 5-lot subdivision plan remain to be worked out, with the applicant requesting that the eventual plan leave open the possibility that the outer buildings could be sold to the user; in the event that happens, the applicant would return to the Planning Board. The applicant reported that soil borings for the detention ponds on the state DOT property were positive and the applicant will now finalize the site’s stormwater plan. The applicant is the contract vendee for the property. The details for the off site mitigation for the tree removal remain to be worked out.


Two people spoke up at the hearing in support of the project. Chamber of Commerce president Eric DiBartolo said the plan was helping to foster new development along Route 202. The hearing was adjourned  to December 5th to give the applicant time to finalize the subdivision plan.


In a technical matter, in a separate action before the public hearing was opened, the board voted to extend the Costco site plan that was due to expire this week.


2. Hilltop subdivision

Explaining that there are economic problems associated with doing a two lot subdivision, Mr. Capellini said the applicant was still trying to get a sewer easement that would  give the property access to the sewer line and make a third building lot possible. The board reapproved the subdivision but asked Mr. Capellini to have the applicant’s engineer provide the board with an update on the status of the easement negotiations.  Mr. Tegeder suggested that if there is no progress obtaining the easement, the board should consider approving the 2-lot subdivision.


3. Stahmer minor subdivision, Birdsdall Drive/Public Informational Meeting

(See Planning Board, 10-17-2016.) The applicant gave a brief presentation outlining the evolution of the plan to the current 3-lot plan.  According to the applicant, the Conservation Board supports the 3-lot plan, and the applicant’s engineer indicated he had no issues with the comments in the town engineer’s initial memo.  Reference was made to an a memo from the Advisory Committee on Open Space; the only comment appeared to be that the map should indicate the location of the nearby North County Trailway.  The applicant will meet at the site with the town engineer and environmental consultant to review stormwater and septic issues.