Planning Board

December 18, 2017


Attending: John Kincart, John Savoca, Richard Fon, William LaScala, Robert Garrigan


1. Lowe’s Home Center

The applicant has submitted the required documents needed to satisfy about half of the conditions in the approval resolution and is working on the remaining documents.  As soon as they are submitted and reviewed, the board can sign off on the site plan.  In the meantime, the board approved the first 1-year extension. 


2. Orchard View Subdivision, Sherry Drive

(Mr. Savoca recused himself.) The applicant raised concerns about several technical conditions in the draft approval resolution. One issue was whether the applicant would have to come back to the board for approval on the actual location of three lots that are in the wetland buffer, a condition the board has required for other subdivisions. (The subdivision map shows the approximate location for the house; this could be changed once the developer has a buyer for the lot and applies for a building permit.)


With modifications in the resolution, the board approved the wetlands, tree, stormwater and final subdivision plan.


3. Unicorn Contracting, Kear Street

Mr. Ciarcia advised the board that the Zoning Board had approved the needed variance and that there are still a few “minor” issues to be worked out with ABACA.  The board voted to approve the subdivision, site plan, tree and stormwater permits.


4. Dubovsky site plan, Route 129

The board approved the stormwater permit.


5. Colangelo subdivision, Jacob Road

Members of the Advisory Board on Open Space (ACOS) met with the board to discuss the proposed trail link.  The group supports the donation of approximately 5 acres adjacent to the existing linear park  to satisfy the 10% open space in lieu of money recreation fee requirement. The group is also flexible on the location of a future trail route that would link up to Jacob Road. The applicant had no issue with this plan but wants an easement that would in the future allow it to construct a pump station so that water could be pumped up to irrigate the agricultural land. It was also suggested that a small additional piece of property be added to the donation to provide a better access to an adjoining site.


The remaining outstanding issue was the location of the future connection to Jacob Rd; without something in the preliminary approval, the board’s attorney said that simply a commitment from the applicant would not be enforceable. Mr. Tegeder said the preliminary map should include a location that could be changed once the applicant returned for final approval. The attorney will provide appropriate language for the next meeting.


6. Prestige Renovations, Buckhorn Street

(Mr. Fon recused himself.) In a pre-preliminary submission, the applicant was seeking board input for a 2-lot subdivision on 0.95 acres at the end of Buckhorn Street. The board had no issue with the plan and the applicant will now submit a formal application.