Planning Board



Attending: John Kincart, John Savoca, William LaScala, Richard Fon, Aaron Bock


1. Atlantic Appliance, Maple Hill Street

Mr. Riina advised the board that because the test boreings showed high ground water, he has revised the earlier stormwater plan to include an above surface pocket wetland instead of relying on an underground retention. The change has necessitated some changes to the parking and landscaping layout.  He advised the board that the new pocket wetland would be oversized to address flooding concerns on Greenwood Street. The revised plan calls for cleaning up the existing wetland and adding new plantings.  A public informational hearing will be scheduled.


2. CVS, Crompond Road

Most the discussion focused on the number and spacing of the trees to be planted along Route 202 and whether there should be more space between the trees to allow for growth (or change species to ones that don’t grow as tall and wide) so as not to block the view of the building.  Mr. Tegeder also asked the applicant if more windows could be added to the building in order to soften the “warehouse” look.  The applicant will be meeting with the DOT to discuss possible interim timing changes to the traffic light; once the construction is completed with the additional lane, the timing will be  adjusted.


A public information hearing will be scheduled.


3. Taco Bell, Crompond Road

The applicant reviewed the plan that includes reopening a left turn lane, subject to DOT approval. The applicant’s plan includes 40 parking spaces where 49 are required and will be asking the board to apply the potential 25% reduction allowed in the code; at issue, though, is that no tenant has been identified for the second storefront.


The applicant plans to have the culvert under the building inspected. It was unclear whether an easement would be needed for the culvert. 


The applicant will also look at possibly making the drive thru land wider as suggested by the town engineer. He was also asked to add the location of the nearest fire hydrant to the plan.  A signage and landscaping plan will also be needed.


4. 650 Pines Bridge Road

(See Planning Board 11-4-19.)  The applicant submitted a revised plan and revised EAF. A public informational hearing will be scheduled, most likely in February.


5. Broad Pines subdivision, Granite Springs Road.

The issue involves a new plan to build houses on undeveloped lots 5 and 6 that were approved as part of a 1990 subdivision.  The applicant has submitted a revised plan that changes the elevation of the houses and a revised EAF. The applicant plans to live in one house and sell the other.  A public informational hearing will be scheduled in February. The town needs to review the wetland delineation prepared by the applicant.


6. Lowe’s pad “B” – ZBA referral

The board had no issue with the request for a variance as the need for the variance was based on the board’s site plan review.


7. 1295 Winslow Drive – ZBA referral

The variance request is to reduce the setback requirement for a 12’ high ground solar installation on a residential lot at the corner of Winslow Drive and Hayes Drive. The board was concerned about the height of the installation and whether it could be adequately screened. It will ask to join the ZBA for a site visit prior to making any recommendations.


8. 2241 Saw Mill River Road, Town Board referral

(See Town Board 12-10-19.)  The board wants to compare the current plan to the one approved in 2002. The applicant was advised to meet wit the Planning Department.