Town Board





1. Shallow Creek

(Click here for meeting notes through 2016.) Diana Quast, chairman of the Recreation Commission, advised the board that the partner of the deceased person who had the license wants to take over the license.  She suggested, and the board agreed, to amend the contract so that the 2014 10-year contract period starts anew at 2018, with the option for two 5-year renewals. It was also agreed that if the restaurant project fails, any equipment left on site would become town property. A resolution will be voted on next week.


2. Show mobile (portable stage)

(See Town Board 7-11-2017 and 4-24-2018.) The board agreed with the recommendation of the Recreation Commission that a fee of $1,000 be charged to rent the show mobile and that the renter be responsible for making arrangements to transport the mobile to the desired location.  She said the fee was in line with what other municipalities charged. The fee will cover the cost of two town employees who will set up and dismantle the mobile as well as maintenance costs.  The Commission is seeking to cover costs; not make money on the rental.   Groups desiring the rent to mobile will need insurance. Applications will be available through the Parks Department.  When the town is a sponsor or co-sponsor of an event, such as Relay for Life or the Chamber Street Festival, there will be no charge.   One member of the Commission advised the board that the town had still not received the $5,000 donation the Chamber had committed towards the purchase of the show  mobile.


3. Highway Department mulch and millings

Mr. Paganelli advised the board that he has 8,000 yards of mulch to dispose of and that instead of paying $200,000-$320,000 to have someone take it away, he is planning to run an ad in local papers saying that the mulch will be available to the public and landscapers, either for free or for a small fee, pro rated fee based on the size of the vehicle that is loaded.


Mr. Paganelli also advised the board that he has a supply of millings but that he can always use what he has for trade. He is, however, considering making the millings available to homeowners who could use them on a driveway; at issue is who would load them.


4. Directional signs to town hiking and mountain biking trails

Without any discussion, Mr. Paganelli advised the board that he can work with the Yorktown Trail Town Committee to erect the signs at selected locations. A resolution will be prepared for next week’s board meeting.


5. Emergency water main repair

The board approved the expenditure of approximately $30,000 to hire an outside vendor to repair a water main that was damaged during work being doing for the Spectra gas pipeline. Spectra will reimburse the town for the expense.


6. Unicorn Construction, Kear Street/sewer connection

The developer of the new office building that will replace Murphy’s Restaurant is requesting permission to extend a single sewer lateral from his site 25 feet across Underhill Avenue and install a manhole in the town’s right of way.  The lateral will connect to the existing sewer lines that individually service the three buildings on the site.  The developer will pay to construct the lateral but the lateral will become part of the town’s infrastructure and the Sewer Department will be responsible for its maintenance. At issue was whether the project constitutes an extension of an existing sewer district which would require a public hearing; the town attorney is reviewing this with bond counsel. The board also discussed whether to charge the developer a yearly maintenance fee and require a formal maintenance agreement as it did with Lowe’s. The agreement for the 1,000 foot Lowe’s sewer line provides for Lowe’s to pay $1,000 a year for maintenance as well as any needed repairs. Councilman Lachterman said that he didn’t think a small business should be asked to pay a maintenance fee or that a maintenance agreement was necessary. Councilmen Diana and Roker agreed.



Town attorney interviews.