Town Board

May 7, 2019


Interview for pump station consultant

Personnel: Engineering

Litigation and negotiation




1. Announcements

The Garden Club donated $3,000 towards the plantings on Commerce Street and East Main Street near the library.

Enbridge donated $5,000 to ASK.

Route 202 traffic lights: Weather permitting, the electronic sensors that adjust the traffic lights based on traffic will be embedded into the road after the paving, scheduled to begin May 20, is completed.


2. Vacancies on town boards

The Advisory Committee on Open Space has three vacancies

The Library Board has an opening for a trustee.

Interested residents should send a resume to the supervisor’s office.


3. Courtesy of the Floor

Quality of life: Dan Strauss  said the town didn’t need a Qualify of Life Committee; he said he had a plan that could solve the problem in one year.


Security at ACCCC: Jennie Mention asked the board to strengthen security at the building, including making a bathroom available on the outside of the building so that people using the field and track did not have to come into the building  Councilwoman Roker said that while some security improvements have been made, including installing bullet proof doors and a phone system to contact the two nursery schools in the building, the doors can’t be locked because the building is for public use. She said there were cameras in the building but that no one was viewing them on a live basis.


4. Appointments

Zoning Board: John Meisterich was reappointed for a five-year term.

Advisory Committee on Open Space. The following were reappointed: Walter Daniels (chairman), John Settembrino (co-chair), Phyllis Bock, John Schroeder, Paul Moskowitz, Mark Michaels


5. Selected resolutions

Cell phone policy. The board adopted a policy governing the use of personnel and town issued phones. In response to Jay Kopstein’s comment that  because this was a collection bargaining issue it should not have been discussed in a public forum, Town Attorney Abbate explained that the policy had been worked out with the CSEA.


Budget transfer: A $30,000 budget transfer was made to the Highway Department for town-wide failing drainage, but no details were available as to what specific projects the money would be used for.


Worker’s Compensation: The board made a series of budget transfers to six different budget funds to cover 2018 worker’s compensation costs. The transfers ranged from $380 in the Library Fund to $258,162 for the General Fund.


Sylvan Glen Project. The board endorsed a grant application being submitted by the Yorktown Trail Town Committee to the Hudson River Valley Greenway to install interpretive signs documenting the park’s historic quarry. No town funds were being requested.


Mohegan retaining wall. The board awarded a $935,998 bid for the reconstruction of the wall. The town engineer said that while the bid specs did not include any work to make improvements to a nearby culvert, the town would try to work something out with the contractor this extra work that would filter runoff  from the road before the water entered the lake.


Stormwater consultant (See Town Board, 4-9-2019.) In an item not on the agenda, the board extended the contract of the consultant who prepared the town’s 2018 stormwater report at a total cost of $14,530.