Town Board

April 9, 2019



Interviews with architects and engineers – Hallocks Mill Sewer District

Personnel: police



1. Sustainable project – Brookside School students

First grade students made a presentation about ending the use of plastic bags.


2. Energize NY

No discussion as there were no representatives of the organization.


3. Old Hill Farm Property, East Main Street/Rezoning request

The applicant gave the board an update on the two issues the board had identified earlier as its primary concerns: traffic and possible connectivity to Bank Road.


The applicant said that discussions with Club Fit about connectively though its site and the Toys R Us site have not been fruitful. Supervisor Gilbert said he would see if he could facilitate more discussions. In the meantime, the concept plan for the development will continue to show the potential for a connection as an alterate access to East Main Street.


Traffic consultant Phil Grealy summarized the traffic study that documents that a traffic light at East Main and Hill Blvd is justified – even at current levels and without any new development. His report also highlights other traffic calming measures for East Main Street other than speed humps to slow speeds. The applicant indicated a willingness to help finance the traffic light.   


The applicant will make a similar presentation to the Planning Board and will return to the Town Board (which must approve the rezoning request) when more plan details have been finalized.  One issue that will need to be reviewed is the capacity of the sewer connection into the Peekskill Sanitary Sewer System.


4. Allan Avenue/Request for stormwater permit

(See Town Board 1-8-2019. See also Planning Board, 4-8-2019.)  With the ZBA decision to grant the variance upheld in an Article 78 lawsuit, the applicant wants the board to proceed to issue the stormwater permit. Town Engineer Quin stated that it was a difficult site but that he was satisfied with the plan that involves moving 700 cubic yards of earth with a net 450 yards to be removed from the site which will require approximately 25 dump truck trips.


Councilman Roker was concerned about the traffic impact from the trucks as they loaded and unloaded and suggested that the applicant be required to hire off duty police officers to direct traffic when trucks were present. The applicant agreed and the engineer said the provision would be added as a condition of the permit.


Mr. Quinn said that he was satisfied with the on site stormwater infiltration system that will not rely on any town infrastructure. He said that the permit could include a condition for a stormwater maintenance agreement that would obligate the homeowner to maintain the system. In response to Supervisor Gilbert’s question about compliance with the agreement, Mr. Quinn said that his department has a system in place that requires yearly inspection reports for such systems, performed by licensed personnel; if the reports are not submitted, reminders letters are sent to the property owner.


Councilman Patel said that before the board voted on a resolution approving the permit, he wanted to see a written copy of the resolution.  The board anticipates voting on the resolution at its next meeting.


5. Environmental consultant

Explaining that the Planning Board needs an environmental consultant, Councilman Roker said she wanted to postpone the discussion  so that the planning director could attend.  Councilman Lachterman then asked why two resolutions on the tentative agenda that would have authorized professional service contracts with consultants to complete the town’s annual stormwater report and oversee the delineation of wetlands were removed from the final agenda.  He said that the board hadn’t talked to all the possible consultants, a statement Councilman Roker disagreed with, adding that she felt it was time for the board to have an open discussion about the need for an environmental consultant.  Although it wasn’t clear if Councilman Lachterman wanted to pursue more interviews, Supervisor Gilbert said that based on previous interviews the board had a candidate in mind. The board will discuss the issue next week which will give the person ultimately selected sufficient time to prepare the stormwater report by the June 1 deadline.


6. Mohegan Retaining Wall

(See Town Board 1-22-2019.) In an issue not on the agenda, Mr. Quinn advised the board on the bids that had been opened earlier in the day for the project. It appeared that the lowest bid came in at about $899,000 and it was said that the project would end up costing roughly $1 million.  The engineer is in the process of vetting the low bidder. Highway Superintendent Supervisor said he had known about the need to rebuild the wall for at last 5.5 years.  Supervisor Gilbert said that the town had explored available grants but that the project didn’t qualify.


The board agreed with the engineer’s recommendation that the town hire a manger to oversee the project. The cost was estimated at $15,000-$20,000/month; the job is expected to take about 120 days to complete.


The board also agreed to hold a meeting for the Mohegan community prior to the start of construction to explain the project and how it will impact traffic. It is anticipated that traffic on Mohegan Ave might be restricted to a single lane while trucks are unloading, but that two lanes would be open at the close of the day. 


On behalf of MLID, Ken Belfer asked if the project included any measures designed to capture and filter stormwater runoff that enters the lake.  While Mr. Quinn said that no such measures where included in the project, he left open the possibility that if money was available at the end of the budget year, the town could put special inserts into some existing catch basins that could filter out pollutants.


7. State audit

Supervisor Gilbert announced that the state comptroller’s office was conducting a routine audit of the town.


8. Selected resolutions

Street light (Veterans Rd and Commerce St). Approved a resolution transferring $28,455 from the contingency budget line to pay for a new light.

Legal settlement: Approved $23,164 transfer from fund balance to pay for a legal settlement involving flood damage to a resident’s property.


9. Traffic light timing at Lowe’s

Councilmen Diana and Lachterman questioned why they had not been notified about a meeting selected town staff and DOT had about the traffic light at Lowe’s. Supervisor Gilbert explained that in his capacity as the person in charge of the day to day operations of the town, he brought the important people involved in the issue to the meeting, adding that board members had been informed about the meeting. The meeting was part of the town’s ongoing efforts to deal with the timing of the traffic lights, an issue that cannot be completely resolved until the road is repaved later this spring.. 


10. Public safety officer

Police officer Rohr has been appointed as the new traffic safety officer.




Personnel: Library

Litigation & negotiations: Contract amendments