Town Board

March 20, 2018


1. Storm Update

Supervisor repeated the statement he made at last week’s work session. The board approved a resolution to establish one day permits at no fee for contractors to dispose of storm debris from Yorktown residents at the Greenwood Street recycling facility.


2. Appointments

Librarian: Allison Egan

Police Officer: Colin Houlihan

Water Service Worker: James Waterhouse (moving over from Animal Control Officer)

Planning: Nancy Milanese reinstated on hourly basis

Nutrition/Senior Services: Terri Campanaro, office assistant

Refuse & Recycling: Kristin Scherrer, office assistant


3. Resignations/Retirements

Paul Welsch, Highway

Michael Hecker, Water

Joseph Angiello, Building


4. Jefferson Village Wetland Permit/Public Hearing

(See Town Board, 1-23-2018.) A group of Jefferson Village residents objected to the $1,800 fee for the wetland permit and $1,500 for the excavation permit on the grounds that they were senior citizens on fixed incomes. Councilman Diana raised the possibility of the board waiving the fee but Supervisor Gilbert and Councilwoman Roker said there were no provisions in the code for waiving fees. Town Engineer Quinn explained that the basis for the fee was the need for town staff to inspect the work that was done in order to comply with state regulations.  No one questioned the need to dredge the ponds. Susan Siegel, the person writing this summary, identified herself as a resident of Jefferson Village and asked the board not to waive the fee explaining that it would set a precedent for other property owners asking for their permit fees to be waived. In response to questions about the plan to deposit the dredged soil on site, the JOC’s engineer explained that the soil would be tested for possible toxic materials and if none were present, DEC permitted the soil to be deposited on site.


The hearing was closed and the board reserved decision.


5. 1515 Journey’s End Road/Wetland Permit public hearing

(See Town Board 2-27-2018.) The board opened and closed the hearing. There were no public comments. The Conservation Board had no problems with the plan. An approving resolution will be drafted for a vote at a future meeting.


6. Mobil Gas Station, Saw Mill River Road/Public hearing

(See Planning Board 2-26-2018.)  In response to Councilwoman Roker’s question about whether the plan has received approval from the DEP, the applicant said he has had discussions with the agency and that he was addressing the agency’s concerns. Mr. Tegeder said the Planning Board was concerned about the view of the building from the Triangle Shopping Center and that the board also wanted to see a landscape and lighting plan. For the latter, one possibility was lowering the intensity of the canopy lights.


Noting the site’s critical location at the town’s main intersection,  Geri Schwab asked if the building’s design could be considered as part of the overall design for the larger intersection area.  Gregory Bernard asked the applicant to consider whether the canopy footings could support the additional weight of shingles, like the Gulf station across the street, to soften the appearance of the existing canopy. The applicant’s architect said he would discuss the issue with the site’s owner.


The hearing was adjourned.


7. Gulf Gas Station, Route 202/Public hearing

(See Planning Board, 2-26-2018.) No representatives of the applicant were present.  Mr. Tegeder advised the board that different consultants working on different aspects of the site had to coordinate with each other and the town and suggested a meeting of all concerned parties. After the board adjourned the hearing, a resident from Old Crompond Road to the rear of the site spoke up and expressed his frustration that plans to clean up and upgrade the site had been going on for years and that this was the fourth time he had attended a hearing at which time nothing happened.   He said the problems at the site were getting worse.


8. Miscellaneous resolutions

·        Landmarks Preservation Grant. The board approved the grant but there was no indication as to the amount of the town’s 40% matching contribution would be.  The town’s share can be in services and not necessarily cash.

·        Advertised an RFP for legal services.

·        Advertised an RFP for environmental consultant services.

·        Rejected and rebid specs for renovating the bathrooms at the library

·        Signed an agreement to participate in a cooperative buying group