Town Board

December 6, 2016


1. Appointments

Lynette Waterhouse was appointed to the Board of Ethics.

Police Officer Jason Swart was designated the department’s traffic safety officer. 


2. Resolutions

After an awards presentation by Police Chief Noble and a ceremony recognizing a Shrub Oak Baseball team, the board quickly voted for a series of resolutions without any discussion. The board also passed a resolution acceptinig a stipulation with the CSEA without any explanation and authorized the vacation buyouts for some employees and the carryover  of vacation time to 2017 for others.


3. Courtesy of the floor

Highway garage petitions:  (See Town Board, 11-22-2016) Jay Kopstein advised Mr. Ciffone (who was not at the meeting) that he should  either show the board the petitions he keeps referring to or stop mentioning them.  In response, Councilman Bernard said that Mr. Ciffone had been misinforming the people who signed the petition because as long as Mr. Ciffone didn’t give the petitions to the Town Board, then their voices were not being heard. Councilman Lachterman said the petitions were useless if not presented to the board. 


Litter & Dumpster Law. Citing litter from the dumpsters on Maple Hill Street, Dan Strauss asked for an update on the proposed Dumpster Law  (See Town Board 6-7-2016). In response Supervisor Grace said the board was still reaching out to small business owners who, he said, are strained by government regulation and costs. He added that the town was looking into the possibility of franchising commercial garbage collection, but acknowledged that that could be considered anti competitive.


Abandoned trucks: In response to Mr. Straus’s comments about an abandoned Atlantic Appliance truck permanently being parked in the lot along Maple Hill Street, Supervisor Grace said he would speak to the owner about the truck. He would also look into the Windowrama truck always parked at the Staples Shopping Center.




4. Mohegan Auto & Tire Center, East Main Street

Mr. Tegeder walked the board through some of the Planning Board’s comments regarding signage and landscaping along Route 6.  The key issue appeared to be the extent of screening along Route 6 and how to achieve a balance between letting the cars be visible versus totally blocking them from passing motorists. Mr. Tegeder suggested a 3.5  foot fence might be a compromise, but there were differences of opinion on whether the fence would be see thru slats, staggered or solid.  The applicant will consider his options.


The second unresolved issue is the location of the “Welcome to Shrub Oak” monument sign. As presently designed, the sign would have four illuminated gas price sections on top of the wording.  The board suggested moving the sign closer to the station and also either repositioning the price signs or eliminating them altogether and putting the prices on other signs along East Main Street. At the board’s request, the applicant will erect a piece of plywood on a possible new location for the sign.


There were differences of opinion as to whether the canopy over the pumps should be the same color as the building or have the Gulf colors.


When the board reminded the applicant that price signs would not be allowed on the cars, the applicant had no problem with this condition and Supervisor Grace said that the “no sign condition” will be strictly enforced.


Supervisor Grace said that people who have contacted him as a result of a post card mailing about the rezoning are 10-1 in favor of the new plan and want to know why the town is “picking” on the station owner.


The public hearing will be reconvened December 20, 2016.


5. Getty/Global Station, 3700 Barger Street

The board reviewed the amended site plan.  In lieu of the two existing trailers that will be removed, the applicant may consider adding on to the existing building which would serve as a waiting room while cars are being repaired. If the applicant proceeds with that plan, it would be in a subsequent application so as not to hold up the other improvements and needed upgrades to the storage tanks.  The board wants to see more information about the LED lighting on the canopy, although the applicant’s representative said that the lighting isn’t essential.   The plan does not include any sale of used cars.


If the applicant can comply with the public notice requirements by the next day, a public hearing will be scheduled for December 20th. If the applicant doesn’t have all the required changes to the site plan made by then, the hearing will be adjourned to January 3rd.