Town Board

November 5, 2020


1. Announcements

Traffic light. The town has asked the DOT to review the need for a traffic light at intersection of Route 35 and Quaker Church Road.


Granite Springs Road. The Highway Department is in the process of doing drainage work. Once that is  completed, Con Ed will pave the road as part of its gas main replacement program.


2. Planned Design District Overlay Zone/Proposed addition to Zoning Code

Before the board voted 4-1 to adopt the addition to the law, and in response to comments from Susan Siegel, the person writing this summary, during Courtesy of the Floor, Councilwoman Roker expressed concern about the lack of specific boundaries and design standards for the three proposed overlay districts. Addressing Ms. Roker’s concerns, Mr. Tegeder advised the board that the Planning Board would not be able to process an overlay application until the Town Board adopted specific boundaries and standards for each district and that the law would not go into effect until those additional actions were taken.


Councilman Patel said he supported the law’s concept but wanted to see the standards before voting for it.


Supervisor Slater, explaining that the law was a first step in the process of interesting NYC firms to relocate to Yorktown, added that it would take time to customize the standards for each district.


3. Amendments to Zoning Code relating to self-storage facilities

In a unanimous vote and without any discussion, the board adopted the zoning change that will allow the former Toys R Us building to be repurposed as a self-storage facility.


4. Solar project at Granite Knolls

After reviewing five proposals, the board awarded a bid to construct a solar carport at Granite Knolls to HESP Solar.  The board directed the town attorney to negotiate the terms of an agreement with the company based on earlier discussions with the company. The final agreement will subject to a vote by the Town Board.


While the terms of a likely agreement were not disclosed, based on the board’s initial discussions with HESP Solar, the agreement is expected to include an up front lump sum payment that will enable to town to potentially pave the parking lot, an annual revenue, four charging stations for electric vehicles, a public marketing and educational campaign and outreach to local schools.


5. Selected resolutions 

Peekskill sewer districts. In order to conform to the requirements of the town’s procurement policy, the board authorized an RFP for engineering services to develop the next phase of the work plan needed to satisfy the DEC consent order.


Canceled work session. The November 24 work session was canceled.



The board went into executive session for interviews, litigation and negotiations.