Town Board

November 13, 2018



Personnel: Highway and Police. Litigation and negotiations: Town Engineer and Town Attorney




1. Proposed group home, 2346 Vista Court

Dan Luckett, chairman of the Group Home Committee gave the board an update on the meeting the committee held with Vista Court residents and representatives of the organization planning to open a group home for six autistic men, age 21, who have aged out of the school system.  The town has 40 days from the organization’s October 15 notification to the town to make a decision. The town has four options: 1) approve the request, 2) do nothing and the plan will proceed, 3) have a person or group opposed to the plan look for an alternative site that will not generate public opposition, 4) challenge the plan to the approving state agency on the grounds that the location would create an undo concentration ofgroup homes.  Mr. Luckett ruled out option #4 as not likely to happen and so far, he had not heard any moves to investigate option #3.


Mr. Luckett advised the board that the meeting with area residents was calm and respectfull although some homeowners were not pleased with the plan.  He added that the sponsoring organization has advised residents that it would work with them on renovation plans for the house.


Mr. Luckett advised the board that he will keep in touch with the Vista Court homeowners and if there are no efforts to find an alternative site, he will advise the board to pass a resolution at the November 20 meeting to approve the plan.


2. Celestial Route 6 rezoning request

The Planning Board and Conservation Board have indicated no opposition to the rezoning. Westchester County Planning had no issue with the request.  The board set a December 18 public hearing.


3. Engineering Department/ Inspection services for culvert repair projects

There was no discussion but Supervisor Gilbert explained that because  the original quotes for the culvert work on Hill Blvd and Veterans Road  did not include inspection services, the state agency that is funding the projects has reviewed the names of potential consultants and has agreed that WSP, the town’s bridge and culvert consultant, can be awarded the contract to provide inspection services.


4. Selected Resolutions

-- ACCCC boiler. Awarded a bid to Joe Lombardo Plumbing and Heating of Rockland for $91,800.


-- Hallocks Mill Pump Stations. Authorized advertising an RFP for the rehabilitation of four pump stations.


-- Highway: Authorized advertising for bids to remove and replace a retaining wall at intersection of Underhill Avenue and Highbrook Street.


-- Cell tower public hearing. (See Planning Board, 11-5-2018.) Set November 20 for a public hearing on a proposed lease to allow the installation of a cell tower on the site of the Quinlan Street water tanks.


-- Roma Building. The Town Board declared its intent to be lead agency for the rezoning and to refer out the rezoning application to advisory boards.