Planning Board

November 5, 2018


Attending: John Kincart, John Savoca, William LaScalA, Rich Fon, Robert Garrigan


Note:  Anthony Tripodi resigned as a member of the board.


1. Adrian Auto Body, Old Crompond Road

Dan Ciarcia, the applicant’s engineer, advised the board that the application has gotten verbal approval from the DEP and that a revised plan was ready for an approving resolution. Mr.Tegeder advised the board that before the board took any action, he needed to see the DEP approval in writing and also the revised plan.


2. 345 Kear Street, outdoor seating permit

The applicant showed a revised plan for the special permit for outdoor seating at the former Kirby’s Grill location. The board asked the applicant to provide a revised plan that superimposed the seating plan with a survey that would how the existing utility easements.


3. Crystal Court Su7bdivision, Crystal Court

Application did not appear. There was no discussion.


4. CVS-Crompond Road

The applicant returned to the board for early feedback on a revised conceptual plan that only includes a CVS building; the bank building in the original plan has been eliminated in order to avoid the flood plain issue.  The plan shows access to the site from Old Crompond Road opposite the existing road into Crompond Crossing. The board had a generally positive response to the new plan but advised the applicant that its major concerns would be traffic and landscaping. There was also a title issue that needs to be resolved.  The board also indicated that as part of any future site plan approval, it would want to preclude any future development of an additional building on the site.


5. Colangeo Subdivision, Jacob Road

The applicant showed the board a plan that included the proposed farm stand and parking and explained that it was working on a draft agreement with the town to provide access from the parking lot to the trail that will go through the property. Unlike the trail portion of the plan that would be a conservation easement, the access from the parking lot to the trail would be a 5 year license agreement that would have to be renewed every five years and which could be cancelled at any time by the applicant for cause; one of the possible “causes” cited were trail users creating a nuisance for the homeowners in the subdivision.


After the limitations of the license agreement were pointed out, including the fact that a license agreement did not run with the land and if terminated at a future date would leave no public access or parking for the trail users, and some back and forth between board members and the applicant, the latter agreed to provide a conservation easement that set aside four parking spaces for trail users.


6. Spirelli subdivision, Buckhorn Street

The board reviewed a plan to subdivide the existing 1.64 acre into two lots, making way for the construction of a new house in the R1-20 zone.  A public informational hearing will likely to scheduled in December.


7. Tesla Charging Station, Staples Plaza

The applicant is planning ten charging stations in the parking spaces behind Dunkin’ Donuts.  The stations will only be for Tesla cars as other electric vehicles use different charging equipment. The board asked for more information about landscaping around the stations, the lighting, and also suggested that wheel stops be added to the plan to restrict cars backing up into the units.  Mr. Fon indicated that he would like to do a site visit to a Tesla charging station in Ossining.


8. Celestial/Route 6 Office Development/Rezoning request

On a referral from the Town Board, the Planning Board had no issue with the requested rezoning to C-3 from O (office).  While a rezoning request is typically linked to a specific site plan, it was noted that the applicant does not have any future tenants lined up.  The SEQRA review for the rezoning will be based on the previous studies, with a new EAF. In the event that issues such as traffic change once a tenant is identified, a new EAF will have to be submitted.


9. Quinlan Telecommunications Tower/ Quinlan Street

(See Town Board, 10-9-2018.) On a referral from the Town Board, the board briefly discussed the plan. The applicant advised the board that it is currently working on a viewshed analysis as well as coverage maps. It was not clear if the applicant will return to the Planning Board once these documents are available or that the documents will be submitted directly to the Town Board


10. The Weyant, Crompond Road

The applicant showed the board two conceptual plans for the townhouse development; the major difference was whether the front or the rear of the buildings closest to Route 202 would face the road.  The board indicated its preference for the back of the buildings to face the road.  Mr. Grealy indicated that at a recent meeting with the DOT, the state agency said that it had no money for the widening project but he added that the state’s acquisition of the land for the future road widening could possibly the process.


In response to a question about whether the townhouses would be rental, Mr. DeVito indicated that given the changed financial structure of the project, he wanted the plan to consider the townhouses as fee simple units that he would own and rent out on an individual basis.   He noted that it would cost him about $200,000 just to do the paperwork associated with giving the land for the road widening to the state.


11. Solar Law

There was no discussion.


12. s

There wa no discussion.


13. Summit Hill Property, East Main Street

The Town Board rezoning referral was withdrawn from the agenda by the applicant.


14. Roma Building

The Town Board rezoning referral was withdrawn from the agenda by the applicant.