Town Board

January 9, 2018


1. Public address system

Councilwoman Roker began the meeting by asking that the public address be turned on. When it became apparent that there were no microphones at the board table, Supervisor Gilbert advised the public that if they couldn’t hear what was being said, they should speak up.


2. Highway Department road salt

The board authorized a transfer of $350,000 from the General Fund to the Highway Fund for the purchase of additional road salt. Highway Superintendent Paganelli advised the board that his department had responded to eight events so far this year and that more snow and ice was expected next week.


3. IBM wetlands permit

The board approved an emergency wetlands permit for IBM so that the company could repair a water main break that affected the building’s fire suppression system.  Supervisor Gilbert explained that even though he was prepared to authorize the emergency permit on his own, he contacted every board member prior to the meeting to explain the situation and all agreed that the permit needed to be issued.


4. Adopting future resolutions

Supervisor Gilbert explained that going forward, and with the exception of emergency requests, the board will only vote on resolutions at its regular meetings (the first and third Tuesday of each month).


5. Garage collection update

Several board members said that they had received numerous calls about problems with the new garbage contractor. While acknowledging that there have been problems, Kim Angliss Gage of the Refuse and Recycling Department reminded the board that as soon as the new contractor started, he was faced with extra volume due to the holidays and the weather that resulted in road closings. On the bright side, she added that the new contractor had hired all but one of the workers from the previous company so that the workers were familiar with the routes.


She said the board had to deal with three problems:  pick ups at three multi family locations, the service stops at town buildings and source separation issues.  Other issues brought up by board members included pick ups on private roads and the size and number of containers at condominium complexes. Responding to complaints that some of the carter’s employees had used foul language, Supervisor Gilbert stated that while there are always two sides to a story, any inappropriate language would not be tolerated.


Mr. McDermott advised the board that the contract with the carter allows the board to set up meetings with the contractor as needed and suggested that such a meeting be called sooner not later. The supervisor agreed.


(Note: As the number of dumpsters at condo complexes involves money, and money is part of the negotiation with the garbage contractor, there was a possibility that this issue might also be discussed during the closed executive session.)


6. Deputy town supervisor

In a unanimous vote, the board designed Alice Roker as deputy town supervisor.



“Personnel: Department heads and contractual negotiations”