Yorktown Planning Board

September 11, 2017


Attending:  John Savoca, William LaScala, Rich Fon, John Kincart, Anthony Tripodi


A special note from the observer. This was a “work session” meeting and held, as usual, in Room 104 in the YCCC. Because it’s usually difficult to hear what is being said at the table where board members and applicants sit across from each other (and with the AC going), I moved my chair close to the table, something I often do, so that I could hear better, although I can’t see the maps that are on the table unless I stood up behind the people seated at the table, a practice that is no longer permitted.


After the first item on the agenda was discussed, I was asked to move back to where the row of chairs was set up for the public. I did, and then took one of the town’s new listening assist devices which consists of earphones and a hand held transmitter with a mike and volume controls.  I believe I’m the first member of the public to use this device. Depending on who was speaking (some speak softer than others) and where the person was located, the device helped me hear more, but not all of the discussion, The device also generated an annoying and continuing hissing sound. After the meeting was adjourned I shared my experience with the board chairman.


1. Lowe’s

The applicant advised the board that he would be having a pre-construction meeting with town and DEP officials later in the week. (Note: At last week’s Town Board meeting, Supervisor Grace said that the applicant had received its demolition permit.)


The only issue discussed with the grass strip from Strang Blvd. The applicant said the DOT wanted a letter of support for the change it wants from the town. A draft of the letter has been writer; its contents was not discussed. In response to questions from Mr. Tegeder who wanted to follow up on the suggestion made at the previous meeting about the feasibility of a narrower strip, the applicant said that that would not work and still preferred to eliminate the strip altogeher. The board agreed with the applicant’s request.


2. Orchard View Subdivision, Sherry Drive

After going over some plan revisions and easement issues, the applicant pressed the board to waive the law’s requirement for a public hearing prior to a vote for final subdivision approval. It was not clear to the observer whether there were still some technical details that had to be finalized. When the board said that the public hearing was required, the applicant asked that it be on September 25th, the board’s next meeting. When it was explained that that did not give the planning department sufficient time to advertise the hearing in its normal venue, the applicant said he would pay for the public notice in a different paper. The board accepted his offer


3. Unicorn Contracting, Route 118

Dan Ciarcia advised the board that the survey that included topographic information had been done. He reviewed fire truck access and turnaround issues that had been discussed with the fire commissioners. The roof design has been changed to incorporate a mansard roof which will allow more use of the third floor. Mr. Tegeder expressed concern over where the rooftop mechanical equipment would be located and asked the applicant to show the location on the plans and not leave the location to an afterthought once the site plan was approved.  There was some discussion about possible changes to the size of the building and whether variances will be needed; the applicant expects to have more definitive plans by the September 25th meeting which will determine whether variances will be needed. There was a discussion of how much larger the proposed building is than the existing Murphy’s Restaurant but the observer could not hear the answer after the square footage was calculated. The sense, however, was that the proposed building was much larger. 


Also, it remains to be decided what will be the best way to merge the different parcels. Options include a lot line adjustment or a more formal subdivision process.


4. RPG, Lexington Avenue

The applicant advised the board the last two unresolved issues were tying into the water line with Cortlandt and the sewer connection. For the latter, the applicant’s preferred option is tying into the Cortlandt force main that serves Mohegan Manor. This would require an intermunicipal agreement between Yorktown and Cortlandt. The alternate option is to tie into the line within Yorktown.  


The applicant was also advised to check with the building department regarding the location of AC units and front and rear steps to a patio to make sure they complied with setback requirements and the variances the applicant has already received. The board also wanted to make sure that ABACA was on board with all aspects of the building design.


The board did want to set up a final public hearing until these issues were resolved.


5. Hearthstone subdivision

The applicant said he had resolved issues with the water and fire departments. (A driveway has been “opened up” to provide a turnaround for the fir trucks.) The county DOH was okay with the planned private 8” sewer line.

The applicant has also completed a tree survey.


The board briefly touched on an access issue that was raised in an email and a Gomer Street resident’s phone call to Mr. Tegeder. The board dismissed the residents’ concern noting that the issue had already been vetted and that the board did not see any merit in the residents’ concerns. The board did, however, advise the applicant to address the access issue at the October public hearing and explain why the residents’ suggestion was not an acceptable.