Planning Board



Attending: John Kincart, John Savoca, William LaScala, Rich Fon, Aaron Bock




1. Hearthstone minor subdivision

In response to correspondence, the board voted to accept a dedication for a utility easement and defer to a possible future date whether the town wanted to take a road easement.


2. Faith Bible Church, Mohegan Avenue

The board reapproved the site plan and associated permits. Other than demolishing a free standing building and adding some additional parking, no changes have been made to the site. The church is raising money for the addition.




3. Sandvoss subdivision, Hanover Street

Ready for final board approval, Mr. Riina advised the board that the applicant has all the outside agency okays it needs, except that the DEC okay is verbal and he is awaiting a written ok.  The applicant was advised that he had to file a formal application for final subdivision approval. As the board’s newest member who did not participate in earlier discussions, Mr. Bock advised the board that he had reviewed the files and asked the board’s attorney if he could vote on the issue. He was told yes.  Mr. Tegeder advised the applicant that the town engineer still needed to sign off on the plan.


4. Nestle Water, Route 202

(The site plan was approved at the May 11 meeting. See Planning Board 4-27-2020 for prior meetings.)  )  Mr. Riina advised the board that because there will be a delay receiving the new fencing, the applicant wants to add the fencing to the bond. The board had no problem with the request and gave the applicant an additional 45 days to install the fence, with the possibility of agreeing to an extension if the fence is not available within that time frame.


5. Crystal Court subdivision

(See Planning Board 5-4-2020.) The board conducted a site visit together with the Conservation Board.  It was noted that the delineation of the conservation easement and the stone wall needed clarification. A tree mitigation plan is needed and Mr. Tegeder wanted to see more of a backyard delineated for lot #1.