Planning Board

April 3, 2017


Attending: John Kincart, John Savoca, William LaScala, Richard Fon


1. Faith Bible Church

The board reapproved the site plan.  Oral arguments at the appellate level are expected in mid April.  After the appeal is decided, the applicant will need to raise money for the project.  Mr. Tegeder said that a “hard look SEQRA letter” was needed, and one will be added as a condition of the reapproval. The board also acknowledged a letter from Mr. Bray (the person who filed the lawsuit) but did not acknowledge its contents.


2. Zat Construction aka Tonndorf), 76 Route 6/Public Informational Hearing

David Sessions, the engineer for the project, outlined the plan. The three buildings will be: 12,500 SF on lot 1,

28, 000 on lot 2, and 2 buildings on lot 3 of 39,000 and 21,000 Sf. Together the three sites will have 217 parking spaces.   


Lot 1 includes a town wetland; the mitigation incudes creating a forebay to catch sediment coming from the south side of Route 6.  In response to Mr. Sessions’ comments that the town would be removing the sediment from the forebay, Councilman Bernard and two people in the audience commented that it should be the applicant’s responsibility to maintain the forebay even if the sediment was not coming from the applicant’s site.


The mitigation for lots 2 and 3 (the access road  will cross a state wetlands) will consist of removing invasive species.


Mr. Sessions advised the board that the applicant is still waiting for DEC approval.


Susan Siegel, the person writing this summary, advised the board that the applicant owes well over $100,000 in back taxes and that it behooved the applicant to pay them before getting site plan approval


The hearing was closed.


3. JCPC Holdings, 1560 Front Street

Mr. Ciarcia reported that some changes are being made to the landscaping plan and paving based on DEP input.

Explaining that the forebay off site mitigation plan was “moving forward” as an East of Hudson Corporation funded project, Mr. Ciarcia requested that the language in the approving resolution that required a one year maintenance bond for the forebay and insurance to work on town property be changed from”before the building permit is issued” to “before a permanent certificate of occupancy is issued.”


The board approved the revised site plan and the changes in the approval resolution. 


In response to Mr. Tegeder’s concerns about the retaining wall in the rear of the site, Mr. Ciarcia said the details of how the wall will be constructed will be determined once site conditions are known.