Planning Board

March 9, 2020


Attending: John Kincart, John Savoca, William LaScala, Rich Fon, Aaron Bock, Robert Garrigan


1. CVS/Route 202

The board reviewed and gave its approval to the latest renderings.


2. 1961 Commerce Street

(See Planning Board 10-7-2019.) The applicant provided updated information regarding drainage improvements to resolve problems both in front of the building and along Veterans Road. The latter improvements will include some landscaping abutting the curb. Although the applicant did not identify the names of prospective tenants, he did indicate that one tenant would have a showroom and other would be an office use.  While the applicant said that the proposed uses did not require a dumpster to handle the limited amount of refuse likely to be generated, the board suggested that the site plan show the location for one in the event that a future tenant with a different might require one.  A public hearing will be held in April.


3. Nestle Waters, Route 202

(See Planning Board 2-24-2020.)  The applicant showed revised plans that included landscaping along Route 202 and some architectural “softening” features along the front of the building. Some board members remained concerned about measures to mitigate noise for nearby residents to the rear of the site although at least one member did not want to place any unnecessary burden on the applicant. The board wants to hear from residents at an upcoming public informal hearing.


The board’s attorney raised the issue of whether the site’s owner or Nestle, the leasee, had done a Phase I environmental study to determine if there was any underground contamination, noting that if any of the site’s underground stormwater system had to be repaired or replaced, digging would be involved. Mr. Riina said he wasn’t aware of any testing that had been done but that requiring soil borings would open up a can of worms. He said that stormwater from the site flows north across Route 202 and not to the wetlands on the site.


3. Par 3 golf course

The applicant did not have the seating plan for the restaurant that the board needs to calculate the number of parking spaces that are needed. The applicant said he would provide the information at the board’s next meeting.


4. Lowe’s, Pad “B”, ZBA referral

The board had no issue with the variance application relating to the setback for a sign.


5. Westchester Modular Homes/Town Board referral for stormwater and tree permits

(See Town Board 2-25-2020.)  The board had no issue with the application that involves a single family house to be constructed on a vacant lot.  Eleven trees are to be removed.


6. Old Logging Road/Town Board referral for wetland permit

(See Town Board 2-25-2020.)  The board liked the applicant’s approach and had no issues.  It was assured that the project would not negatively impact downstream properties.


7. Buckhorn Street, Town Board referral for wetland, stormwater and tree permits

The applicant will be removing 6 trees, although only 4 are alive.  The board was concerned about the use of wood chips in the wetland, a measure that the applicant said was suggested by the DEC.


8. Teatown/Town Board referral for stormwater and tree permits

(See Town Board 2-25-2020.) The board had no issue with the application.


9. Atlantic Appliance

No new information was provided. The applicant is ready for a public informational hearing.