Planning Board

March 27, 2017


Attending:  John Kincart, William LaScala, John Savoca, Richard Fon, Robert Garrigan


1. Fieldhome, Catherine Street

The board granted a second one year extension. Mr. Capellini explained that the applicant is actively marketing the site and that it is more valuable with an approved site plan. The applicant is still waiting for Department of Health approval.  The sale of the skilled nursing home is under contract.


2. Teatown Science Lab, Spring Valley Road

(See Planning Board, 2-27-2017 and 3-13-2017.)  With no issues to resolve, the board went into Special Session to approve the special use permit request.


3. RPG Properties, Lexington Avenue

Mr. Capellini advised the board that the ZBA had granted the needed variances and that the Fire Prevention Board had reviewed the plan.  A landscaping plan and lighting will be ready for a May 8th public hearing.   Reference was made to a Planning Department memo that listed some plan deficiencies.


4. Pied Piper  Preschool Addition, Crompond Road

The applicant gave the board a detailed description of how each room would be used and how it was needed to provide a more comprehensive and efficient array of services to different groups of children and also meet state licensing requirements. The applicant again stated that she had contracted the neighboring property owners and none had an issue with the plan.  Mr. Kincart called the school’s proposed services a “fantastic” idea but added that he was still thinking about the rest of the plan.


Most of the discussion focused on traffic, parking, ingress and egress, and fire evacuation procedures. The applicant will provide the Fire Board with a written narrative of its evacuation plan that utilizes the two properties on either side of the school: the church and the Androkso property. While the school has a written easement agreement with the former, the board suggested that the applicant get something in writing from the latter.


Phil Grealy, the applicant’s traffic consultant, advised the board that the addition would not likely add any new trips to Route 202 and that the school’s traffic would not be in peak hours.  When the school holds special events, it utilizes neighboring properties, e.g., the Chase Bank and Freyers, for parking.


5. Northern Westchester Restorative Care/Treetops Nursing Home, Lexington Avenue

(See Town Board, 8-4-2015.)  David Barbuti, the applicant’s architect, explained that somehow the project’s amended site plan was set aside and forgotten. He advised the board that some of the comments in the town engineer’s memo had been addressed but that he had questions about other comments.  Mr. Tegeder suggested that he meet with the applicant and town engineer to go over any outstanding issues and return to the board.   The applicant will need to do a soil percolation test but said he didn’t want to do it now and asked whether the test could be made a condition of approval.