Planning Board

February 27, 2017


Attending: John Savoca, Richard Fon, William LaScala, Anthony Tripodi, Bob Garrigan


1. Adrian Auto Body, Crompond Road

The applicant advised the board that he has been able to resolve remaining issues with the Planning Department and the town engineer, although Mr. Tegeder said there were still some minor issues that needed to be finalized. The SWPPP has been submitted and the applicant said he expects the DEP to approve the plan in March.  Left undecided was whether a retaining wall was needed where work had already been done and in order to prevent damage to the abutting property.  The existing dumpster is not covered but as the proposed new dumpster law has not yet been enacted by the Town Board, this may not be needed.


A public hearing will be held March 13th.


2. Proposed wetlands ordinance

In an item not on the agenda, the town attorney asked about the status of the board’s comments on the draft as the attorney had not yet received any.  It was noted that at an earlier meeting, Mr. Kincart, who was not at the meeting,  had indicated he wanted to make some commnts.  The issue was tabled until Mr. Kincart was present. The attorney said the Town Board was anxious to move forward on the law.


3. Teatown Science Lab

The nature center plans to renovate the existing 5-bay garage to house a wet lab for environmental studies on the first level and offices and a classroom on the second floor. The laboratories would be used in conjunction with Pace and Columbia Universities and also the Botanical Gardens.   The garage is part of the Croft property that Teatown acquired several years ag o. There will only be interior renovations.  Before going to the building department for a permit, Teatown wants to make sure that the use is legal.  Mr. Tegeder had no issues with the application.  There is ample parking.


A public hearing for the special permit will be held March 13th.


4. Pied Piper Preschool Addition, Crompond Road

The applicant made a lengthy oral presentation on why the additional space was needed and how the space would be used. The board asked for the information in writing. Depending on the time of day and types of programs, the number of children will increase from 66 to 136. The children will come and go, but the total number at any one time will not exceed 136.


The applicant said she had explored other sites but found none. She also said that she had spoken to her neighbors and that they have no problem with the addition plan.


Phil Grealy, the applicant’s traffic consultant, reviewed the access and parking management plan that will use the driveway and parking spaces of the adjoining church.  Concern was raised about fire truck access, particularly the movements required for the truck to exit the site.  The applicant will have to review this.   Concern was also expressed about the possibility of back ups on Route 202 while cars were entering the site.  The applicant was asked to factor in to its traffic study the proposed new nearby 36 unit multi family development. The board’s lawyer also asked to see the easement agreement with the church for the shared access and parking.