Planning Board

January 14, 2019


Attending: John Kincart, John Savoca, William LaScala, Rich Fon,


1. Fusco subdivision, Ston7y Street

(See Planning Board, 12-3-2018.) The applicant has modified the subdivision line, submitted a new EAF and will be submitting a revised stormwater plan. Mr. Tegeder suggested that the location for the new house be moved forward in order to minimize the disturbance. The applicant will review the suggestion and return to the board.


2. Silverman minor subdivision, Williams Drive

Although the applicant was not present at the meeting, in the brief discussion it appeared that the issue was a possible change to a 2007 3-lot subdivision plan that required the applicant to deed land at the end of the street to the town.  The deeded property would create a turn around and facilitate snow removal.  The board wants more input from the highway department as well as any future plans of the abutting property owner.


3. Tesla battery storage facility at Staples Plaza

The company wants to add five battery storage units to lessen the stress and congestion on the grid. Asked why he did not include the storage units in his earlier plan for the charging stations, the applicant explained that the plan was in response to a new NYSERDA incentive program that just opened up. The applicant was open to suggestions from the board as to where the units, which would take up 3-4 parking spaces, should be located, but is trying to avoid locations that would involve the need for DEP permits.  Based on the board’s input and suggestions, the applicant will return at the next meeting.  The plan will also be reviewed by other town departments as it involves hazardous substances.  Locating the units underground was ruled out as not being feasible. The storage unit plan is distinct from the previously approved charging station plan that is approximately 70% completed.


4. Quinlan Street cell tower

(See Planning Board 11-19-2018 and Town Board, 11-20-2018.) The applicant presented a slightly modified plan. The board was concerned about the screening and recommended that the  proposed arbor vitae shrubs that tend to grow in height but not width be spaced so that at maturity there would be adequate screening.  The proposed new towner will be taller but smaller at its base.