Town Board

November 20, 2018



Personnel: Highway and Refuse & Recycling; Litigation & Negotiations: Town Attorney



1. Pines Bridge Monument at Railroad Park

Councilman Diana reviewed and defended the decision making process that led to the erection on the monument at Railroad Park.


2. Traffic issues

Speed bumps: Councilwoman Roker announced that a presentation on speed bumps is being planned by the Police Department’s traffic safety officer.


Roma Building: Planning Director Tegeder reviewed the short and long range plans for improvements to the Route 202/35/118 intersection that are part of the planning for the Roma Building and The Weyant, including the construction of new lanes. He explained, however, that because the roads are state roads, the work would have to be done by the state and that the state has told the town that it has no money. He added that it is up to the town to “keep waving its arms” and doing what it can to get the project included in the state’s major road improvement planning document, the Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP).


3. Courtesy of the Floor

Mohegan Auto and Tire. Mark Lieberman asked what steps were being taken to have the business comply with the conditions of its approved site plan that required the planting of additional trees. He said that when he raised the issue six months ago, he was told that the business was dealing with start up issues. That was six months ago, he said, adding that he wanted to know if the town’s code inspector had a follow up list and when he would get to this site.


Litter: Dan Straus suggested that the town erect more of its relatively new “No Litter/$500 Fine signs throughout town.


4. Quinlan Street cell tower/public hearing

(See Planning Board 11-19-2018.) The hearing was adjourned to the December 18 meeting to give board members time to read the materials they had just received.


In response to the question about whether residents in the vicinity of the water tanks had been notified as per the town code, it was explained that the required notices were sent to six residents and that a sign noticing the hearing had been erected on the site.


Issues raised during the hearing included:

·        Making sure that the installation of the tower did not preclude the Water Department from building an additional storage tank on the site in the future if one was needed. The applicant said that the tower could be moved to another location on the site if necessary.

·        Emergency power supply. The applicant is working with local first responders about a shared arrangement for emergency generators.

·        Fee and Technical issues. Jay Kopstein raised a host of technical issues, many of which were addressed by the applicant.

·        Martin McGannon, speaking for Yorktown Fire District, was in favor of the project.

·        Fees: Tony Grasso raised questions about the fees the town will receive a part of the contract, noting that this has not been explained.

·        Contingency plans if the tower is no longer needed and also in the event it falls down.


5. Selected Resolutions

Emergency generator at sewage treatment plant: The board approved an agreement with Lynstaar Engineering Services for $39,750  to oversee the repair of the plant’s existing emergency generator. The DEP will reimburse the town for the expense.


Farmwalk Pump station and sewer issues in vicinity of Hill and Lee Boulevards: The board approved an agreement with Environmental Design & Research for $16,500 to prepare recommendations for the repair and/or replacement of systems that would address DEC violations related to the two locations.