Town Board

August 7, 2018


1. Recycling advisory

Kim Angliss Gage, head of the Refuse and Recycling Department, reminded residents that recyclable items should not be placed in plastic bags.  Also, recycled cardboard must be flattened and any inside packing materials should be placed with the general refuse.


2. Town’s230th birthday

Councilmen Roker and Diana reviewed plans for the upcoming celebration.


3. Legacy Field update

Supervisor Gilbert announced that due to unexpected delays involving the pipeline project, Legacy Field will not reopen in the fall. However, Enbridge has agreed to provide lights for the town’s existing fields.


4. Courtesy of the floor

Tree Law: Calling attention to the fact that the board has been reviewing a proposed new tree law since February, Larry Klein asked the board to move forward with a revised law, adding that the tree law should come before a proposed new solar energy law that would involve the cutting down of many trees. In a separate comment, Tony Grasso said that the town’s existing codes allowed trees to be planted too close to the street.


Televising work sessions. Citing the board’s inconsistency on when work sessions are televised, Susan Siegel, the person writing this summary, asked the board to make a decision, at an open session meeting, on whether to televise work session meetings on a regular basis.


Senior services. Explaining that the town has over 5,000 senior citizens but only 9,000 square feet of space set aside to serve them, Tony Grasso said the town should be doing more for its seniors.


Open Space Fund: Paul Moskowitz, a member of the Advisory Committee on Open Space, asked the board to reinstitute to $30 open space fee for the 2019 budget.


5. Granite Knolls update

In response to a question from Councilman Lachterman, Supervisor Gilbert asked Park & Recreation superintenden Todd Orlowski to provide an update on the sports complex.  Mr. Orlowski advised that August will be a busy month at the site and will include the installation of the artificial turf, bringing electric and water service to the site, and beginning the erection of the pavilion, dugouts and rest rooms.


Councilman Lachterman expressed concern that some changes to the plan, including the material used for the pavilion roof and the use of asphalt instead of concrete for the “pad” on which the pavilion will be erected were made by the Recreation Commission and not the Town Board and that he had learned of the changes secondhand.  Acknowledging that both changes were made to reduce costs, he said he was concerned that switch to asphalt that will require more maintenance over time might be “penny wise, pound foolish.”  He said it was his belief that the Town Board had control over the implementation of the Granite Knolls contracts.  In response, Supervisor Gilbert said that the Parks & Rec Department was authorized to make changes in contract details and that if Councilman Lachterman had any questions he should phone the supervisor or see him in his office.


Councilman Lachterman also raised the issue of what he said was a “lost” $300,000 grant that Senator Murphy had something to do with for the field’s lighting system.  Mary Capoccia, former Supervisor Grace’s assistant, said that at a December 28 transition meeting between Mr. Grace and Mr. Gilbert, the former advised the incoming supervisor about the grant and that action had to be taken within the coming months. In response, Supervisor Gilbert said that the December meeting was “short, vague and useless” and that he had no recollection of a lighting grant ever having been raised at the meeting.


Councilman Lachterman also asked if the fields would have a security system. Mr. Orlowski said there were no plans and that the town needed to consult with Marshall Alarm System, the town’s outside vendor for security systems, about what could be done. 


6. Tax certiorari settlement

In an item not on the agenda, the board approved a settlement with Adrian Auto Body for the years 2011-2017.


7. Additional Town Board meeting

The board will hold an additional work session on August 15 for the purpose of interviews and contract negotiations. The entire meeting will be a closed executive session.


8. Miscellaneous selected resolutions

(Note: the resolution to sign an agreement with Cornerstone Associates for environmental services was tabled without any discussion.)


School Resource Officers: The board authorized the supervisor to sign an amended agreement with the Yorktown School District.  


Refuse Collection: The board authorized an amendment to the contract with AAA Carting that adjusted the number of dumpsters to be serviced. In a separate resolution, the board okayed a budget transfer of $48,l672 from the Refuse District’s equipment line to the budget line for the outside contractor.


Scheduled public hearings for September 4 for  a) amending the zoning code regarding multi family dwelling units in the country commercial zone, and 2) the special permit for changes to the Mobil gas station on Saw Mill River Road.