Town Board

July 7, 2020



Personnel (Police Department), litigation and negotiation



1. Announcements

Shrub Oak Pool: The pool will open on July 20 with 50% capacity (288 people). Factoring into the board’s decision was the fact that the state has opened the pool at FDR State Park. (As noted earlier, the Junior Lake pool was scheduled to be closed for construction.)


Taxes. In order to avoid higher interest penalties, delayed payment of April town taxes is due July 15.


Lion’s concerts. Due to Covid-19, they have been cancelled


9/11 ceremony. Given the uncertainty over whether the town’s traditional 9/11 ceremony can be held, the town is making provisions for a virtual ceremony that will highlight first responders from Yorktown.


Ash trees. Highway Superintendent Paganelli reported on the continuing spread of the disease that is killing off the town’s ash trees.


Fluoridation. Supervisor Slater announced that NY State has extended the $900,000 grant and that  construction is expected to begin next week.


Railroad Station. The construction project is complete.


2.  Courtesy of the Floor

Racial justice.  Two groups, one representing alumni of Yorktown High School, asked the board to do more to promote racial justice and to involve the community, along with the two school districts, in developing appropriate school and community programs and an ongoing dialogue.


Economic development. George Soule, chair of the town’s Economic Deveopment Committee, presented a list of possible initiatives that could bring more business to Yorktown.


3. Lighting Code/Public hearing on amendments to the code.

(See Town Board 4-28-2020.)  Mr. Tegeder explained the reason for the code change,  i.e., because it is not possible to “fully” shield lights at athletic fields, the language to be changed says that shielding should be “reasonable.” There were no comments from the board or the public. The hearing was closed and the board adopted the amendments. 


4. Chapter 248/Stormwater Law/ Public Hearing on amendments

Mr. Tegeder explained the reasons for the amendments. Linda Miller and Susan Siegel, the person writing this summary, spoke in support of the amendments. On the suggestion of Supervisor Slater, supported by Mr. Tegeder, the board deleted the text that said that would have required the approval authority to take into consideration the intent and findings of the Tree Law when issuing a permit. While both men said the provision was not needed because it was already implied in other parts of the law, Ms. Siegel disagreed, noting that it was important to include an “intent” provision in the law swhere none existed, and that there was no down side to including the language. The supervisor also suggested a minor clarification to another provision.


During the hearing, all the speakers noted that their comments were applicable to the next hearing on amendments to Chapter 178/Wetlands, and asked that their comments appear in the record for that hearing.

The hearing was closed, and with the two changes, the amendments were approved.


5. Chapter 178/Wetlands/Public hearing on amendments

See above summary for the hearing on amendments to Chapter 248/Stormwater.


6. Selected resolutions

Tax certiorari settlement. In an item not on the agenda, the board voted to approve a settlement for a package of parcels owned by Park Neighborhood Association.  The location of the parcels and the amount of the reduced assessments was not discussed.


Town Board meeting schedule. The board voted to add a work session onJuly 16, with the public portion beginning at 6pm, and cancel the planned meeting for August 11 meeting.