Town Board

July 25, 2917


Closed Session

Personnel and contract discussion


Open Session

1. Stormwater permit, Spruce Street

Because the plan to build a single house involves excavating more than 200 cubic yards of soil, a stormwater permit is needed. The board voted to have the permit handled administratively by the town engineer.


2. Stormwater permit, Crystal Court, Crystal Road

The town engineer explained that the applicant needs a stormwater permit involving moving more than 200 cubic feet of soil in order to build a single house on a 5 acre lot abutting Crystal Lake. While most of the lot is wetland or wetland buffer, the house will be sited outside the wetland and buffer. The town engineer will meet with the applicant to go over technical issues, including the slope of the proposed driveway that exceeds town standards, and come back to the board for a final review.


The town engineer suggested that the applicant be required to erect a fence along the delineation of the wetland buffer to create a visual barrier to the buffer and to act as a deterrent to any encroachment into the buffer, e .g., a future request to build a swimming pool in the buffer, an issue that has been discussed at the Planning Board in the context of a pending subdivision. The applicant, however, felt that denoting the buffer on the survey was a better option and that the homeowner would likely take down the fence.  Supervisor Grace and Councilman Diana didnít think the fence was needed but Councilman Bernard said that it may make sense given the proximity to the lake.


3. Stormwater Permit, Broad Street (across from Brookside School)

In an item not on the agenda, like the eveningís other two applicants, this property owner needs a stormwater permit.  The board advised the applicant to work out some technical issues and then return to the Town Board.



Closed Session

Contract negotiations (garbage contract)