Town Board

July 2, 2019



Personnel: Employment regarding two particular persons and interview for Library Board of Trustees

Litigation & Negotiation: RFP for pump station rehabilitation and Article 78 involving an easement for Richard Place.



1. Supervisorís report

        Enbridge anticipates completing its work in October.

        The Shrub Oak Acme is trying to work something out for the vacant former tire store

        The replacement work on the police, court and town hall roofs is almost completed

        The town is looking into repairing the steps and plaza at the police/court complex


2. Courtesy of  the Floor

Summit Hill rezoning. Residents of Jefferson Village spoke against the rezoning. In response, Tony Grasso spoke about the need for the proposed type of housing and Supervisor Gilbert assured residents that ďitís not a done dealĒ and  that the board will need more information before making any decisions. He said the town expects to hire its own traffic consultant to review the developerís traffic study and was also seeking additional information from the developer about the number of school children that his similar developments have generated. Commenting on the school children numbers, Councilman Diana said the developerís numbers were an ďinsult to his intelligenceĒ and Councilman Lachterman said that the developerís children count from other developments may not be relevant to Yorktown.  Supervisor Gilbert said that 50 of the proposed 150 units would be 1-bedroom. Highway Superintendent Paganelli said that 80% of the traffic on East Main Street came from Putnam Valley,


Tree & Solar Law hearings. Susan Siegel, the person writing this summary, and Paul Moskowitz both reminded  residents about the hearings on both laws scheduled for July 9.


3. 3083 Oak Street/ Reconvened Public hearing for wetland and stormwater permits

(See Town Board 6-11-2019.) The Conservation Board has reviewed a mitigation plan. Although the board was advised that the existing structure may once have been a garage, it was agreed that the past use had no bearing on the application to construct one single family house on the lot. It was also agreed that as the house was a considerable distance from the lake, there would be no negative impacts on the lake.


The board closed the hearing and voted to approve the permits.


4. Railroad station rehabilitation

The board awarded a $476,386 bid to rehabilitate the station, a registered national and local landmark and the only remaining station along the former Putnam rail line.  Once the work, which is estimated will take four months, is complete, the town will be reimbursed  $295,762  from a NYSDOT grant.


As part of the discussion, Town Comptroller Caporale explained that she is keeping track of a variety of already approved and possible infrastructure projects to be financed from the General Fund fund balance.


5. RFP (Request for Proposals) for a branding campaign

Acting on a recommendation from the Economic Development and Revitalization Committee, the board approved advertising an RFP for a branding campaign.  Committee member Renee Fogerty explained that the purpose of the RFP was to elicit ideas on how the town could market itself and at what cost. She added that advertising the RFP did not obligate the town to take any further action.  In response to comments from Councilman Lachterman, Supervisor Gilbert said that the Chamber of Commerce has been involved in the process.


6. Highway Department issues

Additional paving money: The board approved three budget transfers, two each for $250,000 from the General Fund and the Highway Fund and a third for $74,200 from other Highway Department budget lines into the Highway Departmentís paving line. The town will also be receiving money from the state for paving.


Mr. Paganelli explained that the amount of miles he will be able to pave this summer will depend on the cost of asphalt which he explained is fluid because it is based on the cost of a barrel of oil.  He noted that after the recent damage to a tanker in the Middle East, the cost of oil went up $2.50/barrel.


Con Ed will repave Granite Springs Road after it completes its ongoing pipeline replacement project.


Quinlan Street milling: The board awarded a bid for the milling of Quinlan Street prior to the street being repaved.  Mr. Paganelli explained the importance of milling and that by doing things the right way, instead of a repaving job lasting only 8-9 years, a milled repaving job would last 12-13 years.  He anticipates that milling Quinlan Street will cost $56,000, and then $240,000 for the actual paving,


Trucks. The board authorized a budget transfer of $309,000 to the Highway Departmentís equipment line for the purchase of three new vehicles.  In a follow up discussion, Mr. Paganelli said that washing the salt off the trucks was the single most important factor in extending the life of the departmentís vehicles. Councilman Diana added that in his experience, keeping the trucks under cover was also important.


7. Appointments

Two new police officers were appointed.

Jean Zappia was appointed to the library Board f Trustees.


8. Selected miscellaneous resolutions

Police vehicle: Advertised for bids for the purchase of unmarked vehicles.


Mohegan retaining wall: Accepted the performance bond for the company that was awarded the bid for the wallís replacement.



Personnel: employment of a particular person