Town Board




Litigation and negotiation



1. Racial equality

In response to the George Floyd killing, Police Chief Noble read a statement expressing his department’s disgust with what happened in Minneapolis and the Town Board passed a resolution condemning racism and reaffirming the town’s commitment to equal justice and civil rights for all.


2. 2020 Tentative Assessment Roll/grievances

Property owners have until June 16 to file grievances. See the town’s web site for the revised filing procedure due to corvid-19.


3. Town revenue

Highway Superintendent Paganelli advised the board that the town is still waiting for the $460,000 in annual CHIPS money from the state that is typically received in April.


4. Appointments/ Recreation Commission

The board appointed Thomas Dunn as a regular member of the Commission and Christine Dunne as an alternate member. Mr. Paganelli was appointed liaison to the Commission, replacing Councilman Lachterman.


5. 3617 Buckhorn Street/Stormwater and wetlands permit

(See Town Board 5-19-2020.) The board approved both permits.


6. Madison Court/Reconvened public hearing/Stormwater and Tree Permits

(See Town Board 5-19-2020.) The board reconvened the hearing. There were no comments. The hearing was closed and the permits approved.


7. Smoking: Amendments to Smoking Code/Chapter 90/public hearing

(See Town Board, 4-14-2020.) The proposed amendments, which update the existing code, would ban smoking and vaping inside town buildings, town owned outdoor spaces such as parks, pools, athletic facilities and playgrounds and 50 feet from any town owned property. Patrick Cumisky, a member of the Rec Commission spoke in support of the amendments noting that while he was not anti smoking, he felt that it was an issue of common courtesy and that residents were entitled to fresh, clean air while enjoying town recreational facilities. A member of ASK and an anti smoking group also spoke in support of the amendments.  The hearing was closed and the board voted to adopt the amendments.


8. Commercial Water Meter testing/Amendments to Wate4r Code, Chapter 280/Public Hearing

The board opened the public hearing on the proposed amendments and the town attorney and Water Superintendent Ken Rundle explained the reason for the amendments which” put teeth” in the existing code that requires the owners of commercial meters ( meters 1.5” or larger) to test the accuracy of their meters every three years. Susan Siegel, the person writing this summary, spoke in support of the amendments, thanked the board for the amendments and urged the Water Department to act expeditiously to enforce the code’s testing requirement. The hearing was closed and the board adopted the amendments