Town Board

April 23, 2019



Interviews: Environmental consultant



1. Economic Development and Revitalization Committee

(See Town Board, 2/26/2019.)  Members of the committee went over each of the recommendations they made at the previous meeting and asked the board to commit, yes or no, to adopt the recommendation.


Create a “quick review” group that would work with potential developers so that they could get early feedback on whether the town was interested in their proposal and if so, how to proceed. While in general the board agreed with the concept, they noted that some procedures for early discussions already exist.


Initiate a marketing effort that highlighted the town’s unknown assets and creating a “brand” for the town. The board appeared to agree with this concept. The committee estimated that a consultant could cost between $10,000-$50,000.


Create an economic development position to coordinate the efforts of other town groups such as the Chamber, write grants, and develop a marketing plan. The board appeared responsive to the idea of hiring a grant writer.  As part of the discussion, Serge Esposito, president of the Chamber of Commerce said he supported the committee’s efforts but that it should not duplicate what the Chamber is already doing and can continue to do.  It was agreed that the two groups should work together, along with the Small Business Association.


Seek investors for a hotel. All agreed that a hotel was needed. The board encouraged the committee to continue to explore investor interest.


Reach out to architectural students to create a vision for the town and host an event. All agreed to pursue this idea.


Leverage the town’s farms to attract visitors. All agreed with the idea of promoting farms and having monthly board proclamations regarding agricultural issues.  It was noted that the recent Hilltop Hanover Farm pancake breakfast attracted between 1,000-1,200 visitors, about 60% of which were non Yorktown residents.


In general the committee was very pleased with the board’s receptiveness to its recommendations.


2. Police Department Radio System

Representatives of Eastern Communications made a presentation on a new portable radio system for the department. (A presentation by a second vendor is expected in the future.)  The cost of the proposed new system was not discussed.  When Councilwoman Roker asked a member of the department to explain what problems the department was experiencing with its current mobile system, the board was advised that for public safety reasons, this was not information that should be made public.  However, the vendor did indicate that the department’s current mobile phones do not operate well in some buildings, such as schools and the ACCC.


 3. Proposed increase in water rates for Yorktown Consolidted Water District.

The board set a May 21 hearing on a proposed rate increase for water usage. The amount of the proposed increase was not made public.  Water Superintendent  Ken Rundle provided the board with a report showing the district’s operating deficit for several years.  He noted that even with the proposed increase, the additional revenue would not likely cover expenses that keep increasing. Supervisor Gilbert said that even with the proposed increase, Yorktown’s rates would be lower than Cortlandt’s. The water usage rate was increased in 2016.


4. Proposed local law on speeds in park zones

A public hearing was scheduled for May 21 to reduce speeds in park zones from 25 mph to 15mph. Councilwoman Roker explained that the move was designed to make the speed limit consistent across all special zones, like school zones, and also to the erect speed zone sings where none currently exist.


5. Proposed local law making a portion of Underhill Ave one way.

On the recommendation of the Public Safety Committee, a public hearing was scheduled for May 21 to make Underhill Avenue from Hanover Street to its intersection with Summit St one way.


5. The Weyant

The adjourned public hearing on the request to rezone the site from half acre residential to a transitional zone to allow 23 townhouse style rental units will be reconvened on May 14.


5. Sewer Infiltration and Inflow (I & I ) Study for Peekskill Sanitary Sewer District.

On the recommendation of the town engineer, the board voted to advertise an RFP for an I&I study. The study is in anticipation of the town reaching a settlement  with the DEC on a violation notice . The engineer advised the board that the town is a few weeks away from finalizing the settlement and that one of the conditions of the settlement will be that within 30 days of signing the agreement, the town will have to submit a work plan on how the violations will be corrected.  The study will include a flow analysis in order to identify and isolate problem locations.


6. Selected resolutions

Town owned parcels: In an item not on the agenda, the board voted to declare approximately six town owned sites as open space. (The list of parcels was read off.)


ACCC rent;  The board approved a $2/per use increase in the room rental rate for SPARC, a local group that provides recreational services for the disabled. The total rent for 24 uses will be $528, compared to current rate of $480.


RPG stormwater permit. (See Town Board 4-16-2019.) Without any discussion the board approved the permit.


Street planters: The board approved a contract with Shades of Green, Inc. to provide and maintain planters on Commerce Street and East Main Street in the vicinity of the library at a cost of $8,375. Supervisor Gilbert noted that the Garden Club also contributes fu8nds towards the beautification project.


Tax Certiorari: The board approved a reduction in the assessed value of property owned by the Osceola Heights Community Association for the years 2013-2018.