Town Board

April 21, 2020


1. April tax payments

Supervisor Slater explained that a just released executive order from the governor will allow taxpayers who make their payments directly to the town will be able to postpone their payments until July 15 without incurring any interest or fees. But, they will have to complete a “hardship form” that is still being developed.


The governor’s order also allows the county to lower a portion of the county tax that towns have to pay by May 25. Yorktown is required to pay the county $12M.


 2. Personnel

The board accepted the retirements of Reva Queler at the Library and Isabel Klein at the court.


3. Holocaust Remembrance Day

Councilwoman Roker read the proclamation.  Although this year’s Remembrance Day event has been cancelled, the town plans to upload videos of its previous commemorative events on the town web site.


The remainder of the meeting was the passage of a series of resolutions. What follows are some of the resoltuions.


4. Financial relief

The resolution called on Congress to pass legislation to provide financial relief to local governments regardless of size. The recently enacted CARES ACT provides money only to municipalities with populations of at least 500,000.   


5. Beaver Ridge tax exemption

The resolution continues the senior housing development’s tax exemption for one year. Supervisor Slater explained that the development’s 40 year agreement expired last year and that the board wanted additional information before entering into a new agreement.  In response to a question during Courtesy of the Floor, he said he did not know the exact amount of the exemption.


6. ACCCC rents

The resolution abated  the rents for tenants at the ACCCC while the building is closed.


7. Legal services

The resolution authorized the supervisor to sign an agreement with Bleakley, Platt & Schmidt to provide legal services to the town through December 31, 2021. In response to a question during Courtesy of the Floor, Supervisor Slater explained that the terms of the agreement, both in cost and services to be provided, mirror the contract the town had during the previous administration.  Adam Rodriguez, who has been acting town attorney, will continue to serve as town attorney.


8. Energy Improvement Corporation agreement

The resolution authorized the supervisor to sign the final contract that will enable commercial property owners to participate in the Energize NY Open C-PACE Financing Program. 


9. Freedom of Information  (FOIL) requests

The resolution designated the Town Clerk as the town’s records officer. In the event the officer denies a FOIL request, the denial can be appealed to an Appeals Committee consisting of a member of the Town Board, the Director of Planning and the Town Attorney. If any of the three members cannot be present, the Comptroller will serve as an alternate.  After some discussion, the prepared resolution was amended so that the committee membership stated positions, not names. In a separate resolution, Councilman Lachterman was designed liaison to the Appeals Committee.


10. Mohegan Lake

The resolution awarded a contract for the application of pesticide treatments to the lake


11. Parkland dedication

The resolution accepted a 0.39 acre parcel at the end of Buckhorn Street as parkland. The parcel was the result of a minor subdivision approved by the Planning Board.