Town Board

April 2, 2019



Interview Barton & Leguidice, re Hallocks Mill pump stations

Litigation and negotiation



1. NYSEG tree trimming

Supervisor Gilbert announced that NYSEG will begin tree trimming along its power lines. Affected residents will be notified by postcard.


2. Mohegan retaining wall

Supervisor Gilbert announced that the the Highway Department has done some temporary work on the wall pending the beginning of the full rebuilding later this spring


3. Library annual report

Library Director Patricia Hallinan gave a slide presentation of the library’s 2018 annual report. The library is the third busiest in Westchester County.  In addition to outlining the library’s children’s and adult programs, she reviewed ongoing building improvements including renovating the bathrooms, switching to LED lights, and improvements to the parking lot and steps.  The full presentation is available by viewing the meeting video.


4. Recycling and Battle of Yorktown

Refuse and Recycling Coordinator Kim Angliss Gage gave an update on the town’s recycling program noting that recycling saves taxpayers money because when recyclables are separated out from household waste, it reduces the cost to taxpayers of burning the household waste.  She said that contrary to some national reports about recycling not being  economically viable, recycling is working for Westchester – and Westchester’s recyclables are sold to U.S. vendors and not China.


This year’s Battle of Yorktown is set for April 13. Volunteers should contact the Recycling Department.


5. Fluoridation

(note; Click here for meeting sumamries from 2012-2017.) 

Referring to a recent Facebook post by Councilman Lachterman, during Courtesy of the Floor, Mark Lieberman suggested that social media was not the place to discuss the issue.  While he supported fluoridation, he suggested that if the board was having second thoughts about proceeding with its prior approval to install a new fluoridation system, the issue should  be discussed at the board level.  


Once Courtesy was closed, several board members addressed the issue. Councilman Lachterman said that the board should listen to the public and possibly poll the public whether it wants to proceeds; he said he has done a poll. He said he didn’t mean to open a “pandora’s box” but that  fluoridation “shouldn’t be pushed down people’s throats” and that the board didn’t have to proceed with the project despite its earlier votes in 2018 to do so. He has asked for the issue to be put on the April 9 work session agenda.


Supervisr Gilbert said he believed the issue had been settled and that unless he was made aware of any overwhelming changes, he didn’t see a reason to change course, but added that he has an open mind.


Councilman Roker noted that the original hearing on whether to proceed with fluoridation was held in 2013 and that perhaps the board should hold a new hearing.


Councilman Patel supported fluoridation and Councilman Diana was silent on the issue.


6. Pending legislation

The following draft laws were referred out for review. There was no discussion about either law. No hearing dates were set. The draft legislation is available on the town’s web site,

Solar law: A new law regulating small (homeowner)  and large (commercial) scale solar installations.

Landmarks Preservation: Amendments to the current law.