Town Board

April 17, 2018


1. Openings on volunteer boards

Supervisor Gilbert announced that volunteers are needed for the following advisory boards.  Emails indicating interest should be sent to:

ABACA (architecture and community appearance), Community Housing Board, Conservation Board, Economic Development, Open Apace, Senor Citizens, Substance Abuse


2. Anonymous mailing/sanctuary city

Councilmen Lachterman and Diana advised the board that they had received an anonymous post card in the mail from a 10598 resident but mailed in NYC that criticized them for bringing up the county’s Immigration Protection Act legislation as not being relevant Yorktown business. They took exception to the mailing, but also to the fact that they believed they were doing their job when they brought up the issue.  All agreed that if a person had an issue with what a board member, or the entire board, had done, they should speak up in public.


3. Con Ed gas line replacement

(See Town Board, 4-10-2018.) Representatives of Con Ed explained that the major gas supply line replacement project will continue down Gomer Street to Granite Springs Road and from there to Sunset St; the replacement is to ensure a more reliable supply.  The work will be done 200ft at a time and, as explained at last week’s board meeting, the utility company will backfill the trench and install a binder coat before moving on to the next trench. The work should proceed to Sterling this year; Sterling will also be used as a staging area. The project also includes replacing leak prone lines on side streets; this year’s work, likely to begin in the summer, will be done on the side streets off Hanover St.  Con Ed will provide weekly updates and status reports that will be posted on the town’s web site, along with a phone number is residents have any questions.  The board voted to grant the utility the street opening permit so that it could begin work; a hearing will be held later for the wetlands permit. 


4. Proclamation honoring Ed Pell

The board issued a proclamation recognizing the work of Ed Pell on behalf of preserving Yorktown’s istory.


5. Parks Department Presentation

Members of the Recreation Commission and the Parks Department made a visual presentation of the town’s existing and planned recreational facilitaies.  Click hereto view the presentation. A member of the Commission advised the board that a more likely opening date for Granite Knolls would be mid July and that sports teams could plan to schedule games for the fall season.A Commission member advised the board that the department may need three additional  employees once Granite Knolls opens.


6. Courtesy of the Floor

Overhead power lines: Rosemary Panio complained about the overhead power lines along Underhill Avenue and felt that pressure should be put on Con Ed to underground them.  Supervisor Gilbert noted that he had been told by Con Ed that the cost of undergrounding could be $8 M per mile.


Courtesy of the floor. Ed Ciffone and others asked the board to consider having a second courtesy segment at the end of the agenda. Mr. Ciffone also suggested that department heads be required to attend board meetings.  In response, Supervisor Gilbert said that while initially he considered doing having a second courtesy, upon reflection, he wasn’t sure he now favored the idea, although he said he had an open mind. Councilwoman Roker said the board was always available after the meeting for residents to talk to them; it didn’t matter if the television camera was off. Councilman Patel  noted that very few people stayed until the end of the meeting and that he saw no problem with asking is someone wanted to address the board. Councilman Diana talked about recent lengthy meetings.


Use of board meeting room. Mr. Ciffone asked the board to once again allow community groups, such as United Taxpayers of Yorktown, the ability to old meetings in the board room. In response, Councilman Lachterman said that the use is not prohibited; the change was that groups will need insurance and be required to pay a modest fee that would cover maintenance costs.


Safety at YCCC. Dan Strauss asked what follow up was being one on this issue. In response, Councilwoman Roker said she had met with the Police Department and the head of the Buildings Department to work out issues; one more issue has to be addressed. After the group discusses its findings, there will be a public presentation.


Highway funds. In response to a question on how much money the town would be receiving from the state, Mr. Paganelli gave the following breakdown: $378,000 from the CHIPS program, an annual state appropriation based on the number of miles in the town; $86,000 from the 4 year Pave NY program; and $76,000 for winter relief.  In addition to the state money, the 2018 budget includes $500,000 for paving.  The town will not be receiving any FEMA aid for last month’s storms.


Mr. Paganelli added that now that the asphalt plants have opened, his staff has begun repairing potholes. His department is still removing trees that were downed during the storm.


7. Miscellaneous resolutions

Unanimously adopted a series of resolutions that were included in the meeting agenda.