Town Board

February 18, 2020


1. Volunteer advisory board openings

Residents interested in serving on the Zoning Board, Conservation Board or Recreation Commission should send resumes


2. Courtesy of the Floor

Recreation Commission  (See Town Board 2-4-2020.) Several  residents spoke in support of keeping Diana Quast on the Commission and accused the current board of partisan politics. Councilwoman Roker who wasn’t at the February 4 meeting, said that there was no law prohibiting an elected official from also serving on the Commission, adding that while the board challenged the legality of the outgoing board’s 12/17 vote to re-appoint Quast, it wasn’t challenging the same board’s 12/17 vote to appoint a new member of the Commission.


The three Republicans on the board said their vote to rescind the Quast appointmnt was not partisan but was grounded in their belief that elected officials should not serve on volunteer boards.  They praised Ms. Quast’s contributions to the Commission.


The board also dismissed any concern about possible conflicts of interests that the new Commission member, Richard Romanski, might have; Supervisor Slater explained that if the Commission had to vote on fees for field use, Mr. Romanski would recuse himself.


All board members agreed that the board needed to take a look at the existing town laws regarding membership on advisory boards.


Code enforcement. Dan Strauss asked the board to do something about the illegal parking in fire zones.


Summit Hill. Two residents again asked about the status of the 150 rental unit project. In response, Mr. Tegeder said that the application has been inactive since the summer and that no new information about the proposed development has been submitted to the town.


Mohegan retaining wall. In response to a question about a resolution on the agenda, Supervisor Slater explained that 1) the board would discuss the issue of a substitute material for the wall at next week’s work session, 2) the work is still scheduled to begin in the spring, and 3) the resolution on the agenda was for a consultant to oversee the project and had nothing to do with the specs for the wall itself.


Online registration for Parks Department programs. (See Town Board 2-11-2020.)  In response to several questions from Jay Kopstein about the security of the proposed online system, Parks Superintendent Martorano explained that that 1) the system has ways to check that the person is actually a Yorktown resident, 2) the system uses standard computer security systems and does not store credit card information, 3) residents who have any qualms about using the online system can always register in person, and 4) the registration cost will be adjusted to include the convenience fee charged by the credit card company. He also explained that as there are only two companies that provide this type of software and that the one being selected is used extensively throughout the country and has a very positive reputation, there was no need to advertise for  other quotes.


Later in the meeting, the board voted to authorize the supervisor to sign an agreement with the company, Capturepoint, LLC, for $13,500.


3. Public hearings on stop signs and a no parking sign

The board set March 3 for public hearing on the proposed addition of stop signs to

East Main Street and Route 132

East Main Street and Stony Street (2 signs)

Mark Road and White Hill Road

Mohansic Ave serice road at Leland Drive and also Park Lane

Sherry Dive and Ellen Lane

Wenonah Trail and Dale Street

Wren Place and Suncrest Ave.


A second hearing will limit parking on a portion of Kear Street at Commerce Street.


4. Retirement/ Appointments

Police Department. The board accepted the retirement resignation of Lieutenant Thomas Genter.

Building Department: Hired an intermediate clerk to replace the person who retired.

Climate Smart Communities Task Force: Appointed five residents to the committee.  Additional volunteers are welcome.


5. Miscellaneous resolutions

Legal services. Authorized advertising an RFP for legal services.

Railroad Station. Authorized a $12,431 change order so that a historically accurate window can be installed.

Yorktown Stage: Authorized Yorktown Stage to apply for a liquor license.

Legacy and Granite Knolls. Authorized a home rule message to the state legislature to allow advertising on the fences at the fields.

Landmarks Preservation. Created a Yorktown 250 Committee and also adopted a resolution recognizing the importance of the town’s cultural heritage.