Town Board

December 3, 2019

Public Hearing on 2020 Budget


Prior to opening the hearing, Supervisor Gilbert announced the following changes would be made in the Preliminary Budget.

1. $500,000 would be taken from the fund balance and added to the paving line.

2. $220,000 in sales tax revenue would be added to the revenue line.

3. The water district tax would be increased to raise an additional $425,000 to be used for needed infrastructure projects. 


As a result of the changes, the basic town tax would be lowered but that the increase in the water district tax would be about $3.75 for the year for the average homeowner.


The supervisor also explained that the budget includes raises for department heads to bring them more in line with salaries in other municipalities and to stem to loss of department heads.


Highway Superintendent Paganelli said that with the added paving money, the repaving schedule, now every 28 years, could be reduced to every 19 years if the current level of funding was mainained. He said that, on average, it costs $158,000 to pave one mile of road.


Only two residents spoke at the hearing.

Dr. Carl Tegtmeier, a dentist, citing the importance of fluoridation, urged the board to proceed with the long delayed fluoridation program.


Susan Siegel, the person writing this summary and citing the steady increase in expenses and the uncertainty of relying too much on revenues over which the town has no control, like the sales tax, mortgage tax, and building permit revenues, reminded the board that the town is not collecting the required fees for permits currently listed in the town’s Master Fee Schedule.  She also urged the board to amend the budget to include the additional money needed to move forward with the fluoridation project and  also to enforce the provision in the Water Code that requires commercial water users to test the accuracy of their meters every three years, something she said that has likely never been done.


The board closed the hearing.



1. Hallocks Mill Pump Stations. The board approved a resolution hiring Environmental Design & Research, D.P.C. at a cost of $363,616 to prepare plans for the upgrade of four Hallocks Mill pump stations, plus prepare recommendations for how to address problems at the Farmwalk Pump Station that’s in the Peekskill Sanitary Sewer District.


2. Peekskill Sanitary Sewer District. The board approved  a resolution hiring Environmental Design & Research, D.P.C. at a cost of $119,900 to undertake an Inflow and Infiltration study pursuant to the consent agreement with the DEC.


3. Tax Certiorari. The board approved a reduction in the assessment for property at 3823-3827 Cropond Road owned by Taconic 202 Properties (the diner) for 2014-2019. 



Interviews for volunteer boards.