Town Board Work Session

November 27, 2018


Absent: Councilman Roker



Personnel: Human Resources, Police, Environmental Consultant, and Litigation



1. Appointments

Highway and Refuse and Recycling: Several laborer positions

Water: Cathleen Romanych was promoted to Water Meter Maintenance Foreperson and Mark Bistro was promoted to Water Meter Reader


2. Lowe’s update

Representatives from KJM Construction Management, hired by the town to oversee the construction of  water, sewer and stormwater facilities, gave an update report. They said that construction was about 90%. Once completed, the town will take ownership of the water and sewer lines, but as per an agreement that is close to being signed, Breslin will reimburse the town for the cost of labor and material related to maintaining the lines.


The one unresolved issue is the extent to which Breslin will be able to do a temporary paving job on Route 202 and Old Compond Road that would remain in place until the spring when the company would do a permanent paving job. For Route 202, the company  has proposed some temporary paving but the DOT, which controls what happens on the road, is opposed to the plan.  It was suggested that all involved parties meet with the DOT to try to resolve the issue. Old
Crompond Road is a town road, so the status of the road can be worked out between Breslin and the town.  Ann Kutter, a resident on Old Crompond Road spoke about difficult conditions on the road.


The board also asked KJM to work with Breslin to provide better traffic control when trucks have to work along Route 202.


KLM reported that Lowe’s is anticipating a March, 2019 opening.


2. Work Order Management System

(See Town Board, 10-3-2017 and 10-24-2017.) Representatives of Woodard & Curran reviewed the implementation of the $55,000 system that was approved last year and went live in May, 2018.  The highway, water and sewer departments are currently tied into the web based system that keeps track of work needed to be done, generates work orders, and maintains a database on what work has been done where. The representatives briefly discussed several add on components to the system for a total cost of about $35,000. The annual hosting charge for the town is $4,500.


The board was supportive of the program, with Supervisor Gilbert explaining that the town has to spend money in order to save money.


While the Highway Department is participating in the system, Highway Superintendent Paganelli explained that his department, unlike water and sewer, handles a more diverse number of tasks, adding that his staff is not tech savvy and would need more training.  Despite his reservations, he said he was willing to continue using the system.


3. Resolutions

Approved a maintenance agreement for the Police Department’s voice recorder equipment ($3,315), the purchase of taser cartridges for the Police Department totaling $4,096,  renewal of an accounting software agreement for $21,143,  and the repair of an emergency generator at the sewage treatment plant at a cost of $226,125 that will be reimbursed by the DEP.